Combined Cappadocia & Lycian Way (7 days)

The tour is designed for a week for those who would like to enjoy both the beauty of the Lycian Way and the mysticism of Cappadocia.

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Cappadocia is a geographical term rather than a province in Turkey. It is the volcanic land between the two great volcanoes Mt. Hasan and Mt. Erciyes. The erosion of the “tuff” (volcanic ash) that is abundant in the area has shaped the region. Walking possibilities are endless in this area of cave lived valleys and surreal rock formations.
Christian period: the first communities started to form in Cappadocia as early as 60 A.D. and Cappadocia has become a refuge for the early Christians escaping Roman persecution. Last but not the least the rich cultural traditions continue to live in the area among the villagers despite the growing amount of tourism going on.


The long-distance route, the Lycian way, links Lycian and Roman roads, Seljuk and Ottoman caravan routes, mule trails, goat paths and forestry tracks in a 509 km walk along the spectacular coast. The route passes through ruins of many ancient Lycian cities and visits the most worthwhile spots on the coast. And let’s not forget the richness of the nature with an abundance of spring flowers, orchids, pine and cedar forests, butterflies and birds.

lycian way

2020 Departure Dates

3 May – 9 May

Tailor-made programs for guided groups and self-guided individuals on request.
Extended tours are available as well.


  • Day 1 : Transfer from Nevşehir or Kayseri Airport to Göreme, Soğanlı village visit
  • Day 2-3 : Trek in Cappadocia
  • Day 4 : Regional Cappadocia Tour; fly to Antalya / Lycian Way
  • Day 5-6 : Trek on Lycian Way
  • Day 7 : Trek ends at Adrasan, transfer to Antalya -excursion program is available –

Luggage Transfers

You pack. We take care of the rest.
We transfer your luggage between accommodations by car. Our aim is to make your holiday more enjoyable. During the walks, you walk with your day sack only.


Trekkers should have good quality hard soled trekking boots, raingear, swimwear, sunhat, sunglasses and sun cream , and a 30-40 litre day sack. Walking sticks are recommended.


Cappadocia has all sorts of hotels, from simple modern pensions to deluxe five-stars, but you can actually sleep in a cave room. Cave rooms also vary from simple but comfortable to elaborate cave suites with all the comforts.
On the Lycian Way, you will stay in places that make you feel good and safe in lovely villages surrounded by trees and mountains. They are small, local, family-run and friendly hotels and pensions with a personal touch.


We love our cooking in Turkey. We believe it is one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines of the world. During the tour, you will enjoy natural, regional and rich turkish food accompanied by freshly pressed fruit juices, turkish wine, beer or even raki- the famous aniseed spirit.breakfast Evening meals consist of a soup or salads, a main course and fruit or sweet for dessert.
On the Lycian way lunches are picnics and trekkers are expected to carry some part of the food, but we don’t skimp on this: our packed lunches are wonderful and we include plentiful trail snacks such as dried fruits and nuts along the way.


Easy to Moderate with day-pack.
All luggage is transported to the next night’s stop. One Grade C optional half-day trek.


  • 720 € per person.
  • Included: all transfers and luggage transfers (also from/to airports), accommodations, guide, meals and internal flight from Cappadocia to Antalya.
    Excluded: soft drinks, beer, tips, entrance fees to historical sites and museums.
    Minimum group size 8 and maximum 16 pax. For groups under 8 people, a surcharge of 75 € p.p. is required.

Tour Programme

    Meet in Kayseri Airport airport and drive to a beautiful corner of Cappadocia; Soğanlı valley. Soğanlı valley is not a much visited area and will give you an idea about the typical Turkish village life. Christian monasteries located on the skirts of hills are unique for their wall paintings amongst all Cappadocian churches. Driving along the table-top volcanic mountains we arrive at the town of Mustafapaşa (old Sinasos) an ancient Greek town with its spectacular houses: very fine examples of late ethnic settlements and architecture. Lunch is in a restored village house with traditional Turkish hospitality.
    Optional: Hot-air Balloon in the morning.
    This tour is an opportunity to break away from the classical trekking routes in the area; it’s for people who like heights. This is one of our favorite day tours as it provides many great views and interesting learning opportunities about the churches carved within the caves. There are only two ways to get a whole view of Cappadocia, either fly with a hot-air balloon or do the trekking up to Bozdağ Moutain (1300m).
    We depart for Cavusin Village. After a short wander in the village, we ascend through the deserted houses to reach the little known church of John the Baptist, with its unique paintings. Our path continues to the summit of Bozdağ Mountain where a panoramic view of the region awaits, including Uçhisar, Göreme, Cavusin, Avanos, Ortahisar and the Zelve open air museum. With the spectacular views of Mount Erciyes, we follow a smooth path over the plateau and descend for lunch in a small family run restaurant in Red valley. We visit the winery and the Grape church and start our afternoon walk in Rose Valley. We visit the pigeon houses and the Cross Church en route to the end of our walk in Göreme.
    We have a long day today, first stop is at one of the underground cities, one of the wonders of Cappadocia. The settlement was dug as deep as 5 layers below ground level and was used for hiding for many centuries. You will experience being underground, feel what it was like to live in a city in the earth; saving people from dangers, starvation, cold and enemies.
    Then we have a 1 hour drive to get to Ihlara Valley, a 13 km (10 mi) long gorge cut into the volcanic rock. After a short tea break, we walk about 3,5 hours and a route visit some rock-cut churches. The walls in the valley are carved with churches and some have really unique paintings inside. It is generally an easy walk, following the river. Willow and poplar trees will decorate our way with the beautiful birds gliding around. After a late lunch we visit a rock-cut mosque and a church next to each other. We continue walking by the river down to Selime town, and the walk ends nearby Selime Monastery. After visiting the monastery, we drive to a volcanic crater lake and stop for a quick swim. (seasonal opportunity).
    Optional: Indulge in an Turkish hamam (traditional Turkish bath).
    Today is spent exploring the well-known sites of the Cappadocia region. The Open-Air museum of Göreme was a very important monastic settlement in the early Christian ages and has a number of churches hollowed out of the rocks and painted with wall paintings.
    Paşabağ is one of the most beautiful corners of the region with hermitages hollowed out of the volcanic tufa.
    Looking at the rock formations in Devrent valley is like looking at the clouds. They seem to take the shape of whatever you imagine about them. Lunch is in a local restaurant in the town of Avanos which is a pottery producing center since the ancient times.
    In the afternoon we have an optional visit to a Turkish bath for relaxing and massage. Transfer to airport, fly to Antalya.
    The hotel is in the historical center of Kaleiçi in Antalya.
    (15km / 6hrs / +990m / -1130m)
    We transfer to Yayla Kuzdere where we start with a steady climb up a stream bed to the pastures of Çukur Yayla, just below Mount Olympos (Tahtalı Dağı). We climb the pass from here (alt. 1950m).
    Then we descend via a mule path to the village of Beycik (alt. 900m) where we meet our transfer vehicle that takes us to our pension in Çıralı. Dinner and overnight in pension in Çıralı.
    Optional: seakayaking
    After breakfast we make an optional exploration of the ruins of ancient Olympos (total appr. 6km along the beach). After lunch there is free time until dinner. You can swim and lie on the beach or do other activities as desired (eg. sea kayak). After dinner we make a short night walk to admire the eternal burning flames of Chimaera (natural gas coming from the bowels of the earth in the location called Yanartaş) in the dark.
    Dinner and overnight in pension in Çıralı.
    (16km / 6hrs / + 750m / -750m)
    We start directly from our pension in Çıralı and walk through the ancient city of Olympos and up Musa Dağ (Moses Mountain; alt. 650m). After having a picnic lunch near an old hut we descend through the forest, past deserted farmhouses to reach the beautiful bay of Adrasan.
    The trek ends on day 7 with a transfer to Antalya airport.

But what if you want to explore more ancient sites, absorb more culture or on the contrary simply enjoy and find more time for relaxation? Then we will design a excursion program for you, fitting your personal wishes and budget.

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