Treasure Hunt

takım çalışması team building games

Treasure Hunt is an exciting and active way to explore an area. You will be given clues, presented with challenges both mental and physical and led to many interesting places that you would probably not think of going under normal conditions.
A team of experts will be with you all along to ensure the safety of the physical challenges. And a group of actors who will, taunt, tease, “torture” or help you out of difficult situations according to the scenario.
The scenario will take you to the most interesting and beautiful spots of the area that you are playing the game in. And it will do this through cleverly written riddles and clues so that the whole experience will be a thrilling discovery for you rather than a walk through.

Good For Team Building

The games can be designed in a way to emphasize team work or in a competitive manner depending on request. You can either race against time or another team or you can try to cooperate with your team members to overcome the challenges in team spirit.

Ideal For Incentive Groups

You can either play one of the pre-written scenarios or ask for a brand new game that will be prepared according to your company’s theme, philosophy and style.

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