Hello Deniz,

just a quick note to say that we had a great time; everything went well and we enjoyed the whole time.

Thanks again,

Rob, Canada (Seven Capes- Tailormade Trekking Tour, June 2019)

Hello Deniz,

We walked the Lycian way in spring, amidst tens of thousands of flowers. I did the trail with my mum, and we both agree that it’s one of the most beautiful and varied Landscape we’ve ever seen. The Lycian way can easily stand up to any well known trail, but it’s much easier to get to, as you can fly to Antalya. Even though Antalya is a typical “All-in” destination, the lycian way is absolutely peaceful. In spring, there are only a handful of people you meet every day. We generally had good weather, just one day of very heavy rain but the rest was overly sunny with perfect walking temperatures.
The “Pirate Coast Trek” requires a good level of fitness, with some steep climbs up and down the mountains but believe me, i’ts well worth every drop of sweat. The route is mostly well marked with red and white or with litte stone towers, if you pay a little bit of attention, you surely won’t get lost.
As to the Tour organisation, I can really recommend booking with Deniz and his wife. Transfer from and to the Airport was on time and very comfortable. Same goes for the luggage transfer. All accommodations are really homely, with friendly local people and good food and tea. The description you find on the website is perfectly accurate and so are the route instructions in case you opt for a self-guided tour (like we did). Deniz knows the trail very well and loves to tell stories about his adventures and the history of the region. He was also very flexible and tried to make every extra wish possible. This way, we were able to change the route a little and put in an extra day in beautiful Cirali ( I can only recommend to do that as there’s a lot to explore in Cirali and it’s definitely the most beautiful village you will stay in during the Trek).

In conclusion, we are already sure that we didn’t see the Lycian way for the last time when we left it in April 2019. There’s still so much of that rugged coastline we want to explore. The Pirate Coast Trek was a really good appetiser, and now all that’s left is to wait for the next chance to see more wild flowers that you’d ever imagined could grow in a place and spend lots of time meeting friendly people who don’t speak a lot of english but you can nonetheless talk to for hours. The mountains are humbling and the cup of tea after a long day of trekking is nothing less than heaven on earth. So if you’re still hesitating, stop immediately, get on your trekking boots and experience the “Lykia Yolu” for yourself.

Anne & Natascha (Pirate Coast self-guided Trek, April 2019)

HHi Deniz,

We both had a fabulous holiday with Middle Earth Travel and would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to holiday in Turkey. Everything went without a hitch and we were very impressed by the service you offer (to the extent that you managed to locate my lost jeans and reacquaint me with them at Patara! That was very much appreciated). You will see that I have, on behalf of both Sophie and myself, left a review on tripadvisor with some photos.
Thank you once again,
James and Sophie, (Seven Capes self-guided Trek, May 2019)

Hello Deniz,

We had a wonderful time doing the 7 Capes trek. We have walked in many places around the world, but this was one of the best walks we have ever done. The scenery was stunningly beautiful and in many places we felt as though we were walking through a carefully designed landscape garden – so much so that we spent some time speculating which garden designers must have drawn their inspiration from this area. This natural beauty was further enhanced by the constant reminders of the ancient history of the region – temple doorways set into houses and ancient churches incorporated into farm buildings. It was also great to be able to swim at some of the beautiful beaches along the way, although by the time we had climbed the 400m back up from Kalabantia to the main trail we were well and truly ready for another dip to cool off! The organisation of the trip was also excellent – everything ran like clockwork. And we enjoyed our accommodation along the route – it wasn’t luxurious, but it was always clean and comfortable and the food was delicious. The opportunities to chat to locals along the route (with phrasebooks in hand) was also very enjoyable. The ten-day itinerary proved to be just right for us – it was challenging enough to feel like a ‘serious’ walk, but well within the capabilities of anyone of moderate fitness who enjoys getting out for a walk in a beautiful part of the world.
The only possible improvements I would suggest are:
– A better arrangement for the transfers for the Hacıoğlan – Phellos – Çukurbağ walk […]. Also, we thought it would have been helpful if your notes had included a sketch map of Phellos so it was easier to find things. Because the site is quite jumbled, we found it hard to find everything and we weren’t always sure we were looking in the right places.
– An update of the route notes for Kalkan – Bezirgan – Sarıbelen due to various building activities and changes along the way. […] This was definitely a section where I was glad we had a GPS map of the trail to help us find the way and we did think the notes would benefit from being updated by someone who has walked the route in its current condition.
These drawbacks didn’t really affect our enjoyment of the trip, but I thought I would let you know for future reference.
I should add that we also greatly enjoyed the two-day walk we did with Middle Earth in Cappadocia. It was great to explore all the valleys around Goreme and escape some of the crowds who stayed close to the main sites. Having an excellent guide for that walk also provided an opportunity to talk to a local person about all sorts of things. And camping out in a cave half way up a fairy chimney was a great experience. We would definitely recommend Middle Earth to anyone travelling to either of these regions.

With best wishes, Michael Hoyle (Seven Capes self-guided Trek, May 2019)

Hi Kerem, Deniz and Els,

The April 2019 trek on the Lycian Way, was one of our best travels. The views, the special path, the wonderful weather and blossoming time, but especially the perfect organization of the trip by you. Above all, Kerem, the guide, who connected everything with a lot of knowledge, pleasantness, patience and generosity. He made it so interesting with a lot of fun. For sure we will join again to one of your trips. We already wrote our testimony on an Israeli website, giving you an excellent feedback.

Malka and Yakov (Pirate Coast guided trek April 2019)

Hi Deniz,

We all had an amazing holiday, thank you. Thank you for your organising beforehand. The area was a delight, with endless rolling hills scattered with ancient ruins. The key factor for me was having Cenk in charge. He organised everything brilliantly and because he is so friendly, we met many people en route to chat to and share a drink with. And having Shükrüh as a driver was delightful. He is a very steady driver, never flustered even on the smallest paths, and always smiling, his company was a pleasure. Some days parts of the walking were a bit disappointing, where tracks had unexpectedly been bulldozed through the mountains. But then the following day would more than make up for it. Cenk managed superbly to adapt our routes accordingly. The accommodation all worked out. It’s a shame that at Egirdir we couldn’t stay at Charlie’s Pansyon, as the atmosphere there was really nice, but our hotel was more than adequate in facilities.
Thanks very much,
Marijke (Saint Paul trail guided trek September 2018)

Dear Deniz,

We are now back in a very cold and wet England missing the Turkish sunshine, so just wanted to get in touch to say thank you for organising a brilliant holiday for us. We had a most enjoyable time. Everything about the trip was so well organised – the detailed route notes, the transfers (both to and from the airport, to and from the walks and for our bags) and the lovely accommodation, which left us free to enjoy the walking in the stunningly beautiful scenery.
All the meals provided by the accommodations were delicious, but I would especially like to mention the pension at Gey where we were treated to an exceptional variety of different dishes. Another highlight was the flatbread wrap provided for lunch by the Montenegro pension – a welcome variation on the traditional sandwich. One minor disappointment was that we were not given any dried fruits or nuts but we were lucky enough to meet Brea and Fatma at the Sidyma house where we bought some from Fatma, so that was fine.

Looking forward to travelling with you again, maybe Cappadocia next year!

Best wishes,

Anne and Dave (Seven Capes self-guided trek – november 2018)

Hello Deniz,

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the 8 day self-guided St Paul Trail trip. The walking was fantastic, with constantly changing scenery, views and a string of archaeological sites. It was a solitary experience – I didn’t see another hiker all week, and often not another person once on the trail. The waymarking and instructions are pretty good but I was glad to have GPS waypoints on my phone as well! The accommodation was simple but comfortable and the food again simple but healthy, tasty and plentiful. I was grateful to you for letting me change the trip dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Equally the people along the way were flexible when I wanted to tweak the itinerary on a couple of days due to the unexpected heatwave. It was a great holiday and very good value for money in my view. I’ll be in touch with you for a next Turkey hiking trip!

John B (St Paul Trail self-guided trek – September 2018)

Hi Deniz,

I have just completed 23 days trekking on the Lycian Way. Middle Earth provided baggage and personal transfers accommodation en route and walk notes. It all went like clockwork. The itinerary was well planned, missing out some boring road tramps, and including the exciting mountains. I especially enjoyed the village accommodation, giving an insight to rural life, and although very little English was spoken everyone was friendly and helpful. The walk notes provided by Els were of great help especially where way-marks and signage were missing. I recommend sat nav, Kate Clows app gave up on me after a week on the western section. So a willingness to back-track became essential.
I am 73 years old and solo self-guided this tramp without serious problems. It was reassuring to know that English speaking Deniz was only a phone call away and that my progress was being monitored. Thank you Deniz and Els for a wonderful unforgettable experience.

Best wishes to you from Kit (Lycian Way self-guided trek – Sept-Oct 2018)

Hi Deniz,

Wow from us!!!!! George and I had an amazing trek…. Our lodgings, pensions, food, and hosts all great… Our trek days were amazing, the views, lack of people, yes, we only saw 3 backpackers, and the kind generous locals along the way, offering us coffee, a place to sit for a minute, was heartwarming and genuine…. We want to say thank you, what an amazing way to see the country side… Certainly highly recommended…

Regards Catherine and George (Seven Capes self-guided trek Sept-Oct 2018)

Hello Deniz,

We had a wonderful week to travel and trek in Turkey. And mostly because of you.
Thanks for the perfect organization and the care you gave us from the pick up at the airport, continue to the nice accommodations at the pensions and at the village house in Yayla Kuzdere. 
Şükrü the driver who does not speak English but communicates in his way, was waiting for us on time at the end of each trek with a great smile, with the white car and gave us full confidence. Send him great love from all of us.
The food of Turkey, the great mountains, the warm friendly and hospitable people, for sure will make us come back again, back to the Lycian Way. Turkey has so much to offer!! It was nice to meet you and your wife in Antalya. Looking forward to meet you next year.

Regards from all group. 
Shaul Ravid (Pirate Coast – self-guided trek 8-13 May 2018)

Hello Deniz,

Thanks again for the wonderfully organized trek and all the care you gave us.
We were so happy to see you face-to-face and meet your wife.
Send our best regards to our guide Özgür. He was awesome!
We are intending to return to Turkey next year around the same time. I am intending to come with a larger group of close friends. I am sure they have to see that picturesque part of Turkey and the warm, friendly and hospitable people.
I kindly ask you to arrange a very special trek in the middle of Lycian Way. And perhaps to combine this with st. Paul’s trek during the same time. Please advise! But under one condition: could part of the route reach the sea-coast? And our guide again must be Özgür. Make us an offer we could not resist!
Have a wonderful summer and best regards to all!

Rūta and the Lithuanian ladies (Seven Capes guided trek April 2018)

Lykischer Weg, 22-28.4.2018

Wir bedanken uns herzlich für die super gut organisierte, wunderschöne Tour.
Die ausgesuchten Herbergen und das Essen waren sehr gut.
Besonderer Dank gebührt unserem Führer Özgür. Ein hervorragender Mann. 

Freundliche Grüße,
Helmut Maier und Christina Kolb mit Tuana Maier (& Hund)
PS: Schade, dass es überall Menschen gibt, welchen ihren Müll in der Natur hinterlassen. 

Dear Deniz Bey,

We had a lovely week doing the Seven Capes walk – I definitely want to see more of that part of the coast! The trip was very well-organised and I found the amount of walking arranged each day, the route and the pace were just right. Cenk looked after us very well and was good company. He gave a lot of guidance and advice about hiking in general as well as when we needed it to walk safely and comfortably on our daily walks. I appreciated his professionalism and flexibility in altering our programme slightly to fit in with his concerns caused by the recent rain and also to ensure we had a great walk on our last day to fit in with our return travel plans. The accommodation and food was always good.
With thanks, and hoping to do another walk with Middle Earth Travel some time!

Liz Yurdum (Seven Capes guided tour April 2018)

Hi Deniz,

We had the most wonderful walking holiday. Thank you so much for all your organisation. The sun shone for us the whole time and the scenery was so beautiful, enhanced by the lovely spring flowers everywhere. We enjoyed everywhere we stayed. Each place had its own character, but everywhere was very friendly and served us delicious food.
Thank you for treating us to the delicious lunch at Fatma’s house in Sydima. It was delicious and a very enjoyable experience.
We did not walk with guide Cenk and his group that were on the same itinerary as we were keeping a reasonably fast pace and doing the extended walks ( I was with 4 fit men!!) but we enjoyed their company in the evenings and when we bumped in to them on the walks.
We found all the walking directions quite clear except for possibly the last day walking from the aquaduct. There is no dirt road at the start of the walk now, which confused us a bit.
Anyway, we can’t thank you enough for organising such a memorable trip for us.
I am very happy to give more detailed feed back if you would like it.

Best Wishes,

Anna (Seven Capes self-guided trek April 2018)

Dear brother Deniz,

I arrived back home last night. I wanted to thank you, brother Kerem, brother Ramazan, and all the staff of Middle Earth Travel for the very well organized Pirates Coast trekking trip.
I enjoyed every moment of the trip, the transportation was always on time, the accommodation was always great, either in the pensions or village houses, the food was always delicious, and the trekking was very well planned, enjoyable and full of wonderful scenes. It was also my good luck to meet and be honored by new wonderful friends and the lovely group.

Looking forward to join your wonderful trips again, and soon.
Thank you very much.

Regards, Aziz – Pirate Coast Trek, october 2017

Dear Deniz,

Yesterday we left our dreamworld, and woke up from this 2 weeks long dream today!

Thank you for all the things! We have collected unforgettable experiences and not only because of the nature, but also the professional organisation. Especially for me (as living in Turkey) it was a great positive surprise 🙂 and of course for Julia as well, and I think she turned back to Hungary with an absolutely other image of Turkey and Turkish people. I think it’s very important especially nowadays and I really wish you had more foreign tourist again in the future…
Everybody knew about us in every accommodation and waited for us, they were very friendly and helpful. Almost all of them who spoke english well explained for us the next day. And also in Turkish with me as much I could understand. Every place was different in a wide range and we loved all of it. In some place we really felt ourselves not just as a guests, rather than a friend. And everybody was interested also about our culture and about Hungary. Sometimes Hungarian music was given during the meals as a little present. We had nice conversations with the hosts and felt ourselves not isolated and not as being a foreigner.
The Lycian way was better way-marked than I expected, and all part of it was different, varied, hard, easy, rocky, steepy.. woww great!! I have been around that area, but it was an absolutely different experience than before, and this time could show me much more beautiful places. And now I’m already waiting for when I could turn back or continue it. 
The day with your guide was also incredibly good! Thanks for the idea, we enjoyed to visit those historical cities [Xanthos, Letoon] with your guide and collected new knowledge. And of course the walk in Saklıkent Canyon was fantastic. He was really funny and made our day fantastic. 
Ditta felt also great, and couldn’t believe that she didn’t have to do anything, just relaxing. As a mother with three children she hadn’t been able to do such a vacation for years. She is very grateful of this experience.
Our cruise on the last day was amazing, I can just say again thanks for it 🙂 That landscape, the bays, the incredible turquoise water, the fishes, and the ruins… all of it was unforgettable, and we felt like a princess!! Ohhh, and I also wanted not forget to say that all the transports were ok, everybody kind, arrived in time, and made his best. […] So everything was very good, and all of us enjoyed this trip soooo much.
We had a few strange experiences as well, but none of them could destroy our fun/mood/trip. […] The first few days we met with a lot of bees and wasps […]. We don’t have an allergy, and just in case we had injections with us for emergency situation, but as a doctor I highly recommend if somebody has an allergy not to join this part of the Lycian Way! [Ed. note: in September]. One really strange and a bit shocking situation we experienced on Patara beach. As our host recommended, we stayed on Patara beach to watch the sunset. We saw two middle-aged men taking photos of the sunset. We asked them to send us the pictures because we didn’t have a camera with us. We were surprised when we got the pictures. In all of them we were in the middle, but not the sunset… It shocked us…. So Patara is a beautiful place and we had a great time there, but a few days afterwards we were faced with this and we had bad feeling.
Sorry I wrote so long, but it’s even not enough to share all the good thing we have got from this tour. We are very grateful for the organization!

Best regards,

Dora, Julia, Ditta
Seven Capes self-guided tour
September 2017

Sevgili Middle Earth ailesi,

Hersey çok güzeldi! Organize ve emeğiniz için çok teşekkür ederim. Hepimiz de çok neşeli ve eğlenceli bir zaman geçirdik.
Hatta gelecek sene Eylül’de Kaş – Antalya bölümünü yürümeyi planlıyoruz!!

Kendinize iyi bakın.
Münihten Sevgiler,

Yediburun Yürüyüşü 17-23 Eylül 2017

Dear Kerem,

Thank you for guiding us so expertly across the first stages of the Lycian Way. It was a truly wonderful few days with spectacular walks and the opportunity to meet some delightful people and to experience warm and generous Turkish hospitality. There were so many highlights but we will always remember our delicious lunches in the mountains with fresh food and smiling new friends. The accommodation was generally of good quality with the possible exception of the third night where, as you know, our friends room was very cramped. That said, we do understand that there isn’t a lot of choice in that area. It might be worth looking for other options. We are all keen to return and walk with you again.

The duration of 5 days worked well for us. I notice that all the suggested itineraries on the Middle Earth website are for 7 days but as I recall you indicated that they could be adapted for 5 days. Is this correct? The transfer time to and from the airport is therefore important. Now that you know us and our walking abilities could you suggest where we might go next?

With kind regards,

Alison and Stephen Musgrave & the rest of the gang
May 2017

St. Paul Trail by Yiğit Enes Yenihayat

Mayıs 2017
(click images to enlarge)

Deniz Bey Merhaba,

Öncelikle, 13-22 Mayıs St. Paul rotasında isteklerimi dikkate alarak, beni bilgilendirip bu tura katılmamı sağladığınız için teşekkür ederim. Beklediğimden daha zorlu bir parkurla karşılaşsam da, konaklama için seçtiğiniz bütün yerlerde aldığım hizmet, yerel özelliklere sahip, güzel insanların işlettiği mekanlar yorgunluğumu unutturdu. Piknik menüsü dışında( ki o da her zaman doyurucu oldu) restoranlardaki seçme özgürlüğümüz acentanızın cömertliğini gösterdi. Rehberimiz Fırat Solak görev anlayışı,bizlere yaklaşımı, sadece yürüyüş değil tarih, kültür ve çevre bilgisi ile hep yardımcı oldu. Benim planımda olmayan ama gerçekleştirdiğim Davraz zirve yürüyüşü unutulmazlar arasında yer aldı.

Hayatınızın her alanında başarılar dilerim.

Mayis 2017
Şehnaz Göver

Hello Deniz,
Firstly I want to say thank you for arranging our recent trek (Pirate coast); we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, the fabulous countryside and lovely people and places where we stayed (with the exception of the Woodline hotel). We thought that the Gül Mountain Hotel was very good, fabulous setting and the food was exceptional, Mrs Sevim was a delight and the Kiyi pansyon an absolute joy. Everyone made our holiday memorable. Although sadly Jenny broke her arm on the last walk, your immediate support and care were very much appreciated… It has felt very cold in England since we returned, we miss the sun and colour of Turkey. I hope that you and Els are well and hopefully we will meet again in the not too distant future.

Best wishes,
Jan Jones
11 May 2017

Merhaba Deniz Bey,

İlk doğa yürüyüşüm olması itibariyle benim için oldukça keyifli ve heyecan verici bir deneyim oldu.
Zaman ve parkur açısından çok yerinde bir seçim olduğunu belirtmeliyim. Gündüzleri güneş altında sıcak yada akşamları ısı farkından kaynaklanan bir sorun yaşamadık. Elimizdeki rota, tanımlamalar, güzergah ile ilgili tavsiyeler tam anlamıyla yaşadığımız tecrübeye değer kattılar. Kaldığımız yerlerden hepsi için memnuniyetimizi ifade etmek istiyorum. Son derece samimi, misafirperver yaklaşımları için hepsine ayrı ayrı teşekkür ederiz. Önümüzdeki yıl aynı zamanlar belirttiğiniz güzergahı deneyimlemek için sabırsızlanıyorum. İçten teşekkürlerimle.

Haluk Kamoğlu
May 2017

Dear Deniz,

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Middle Earth Travel.
The Goreme part of my trip started off great. I was picked up punctually at the airport, driven to the office and given a detailed briefing and information of the routes. The location of the accommodation was great; it was very easy and convenient for routes and to travel to neighbouring villages via bus. The only thing I would caution is that, through no fault of the company, some of the route landmarks are broken. Also, the time of my trip was at the beginning of Spring, so some of the plant landmarks e.g. fruits trees, were not the most obvious. Cappadocia is definitely worth a visit!

Hiking the Lycian Way is like living a dream.
The trail was way marked very clearly; you feel confident the whole time. The scenery was amazing the whole time. The itinerary was well-planned, with flexibility to accommodate any last minutes changes. I met such great people on the road and at the guest houses, I really can’t imagine a better holiday experience. Although I was momentarily stranded at the Dalaman airport, when I reached out to Uraz from the Goreme office, despite being on leave, he helped to sort out everything.

Thank you everyone, for making this such a memorable and awesome experience!

Cheers, Jessica
April 2017

Lycian Way Trekking.

I enjoyed my hike at the Pirates Coast trek at the Lycian way.
Mr Deniz was very helpful providing an excellent service throughout the booking and the whole hike.
We stayed at a variety of small hotels and pensions and especially the small pension in Cirali where we stayed for two nights was wonderful with great food and lovely personnel.
We hiked the second month of April which was perfect with regards to temperature, even though it was too cold for swimming in the sea.​ If you like hiking and good food you will love hiking in Turkey.

Best Regards,
Anna Svensson, Stockholm Sweden

22 April 2017

Sevgili Uraz,
Umarım iyisinidir. Yolculuğun hemen sonrasında yazmak istemiştim ama döndüğümüzden beri koşturmacanın içinde bulduğum için kendimi yazamadım.

Öncelikle, bizi böyle müthiş bir yolculuğa çıkardığın ve anlamlı kıldığın için Liza da, ben de çok çok teşekkür etmek istiyoruz. Az kişi olmamıza rağmen, bizi geri çevirmeyip, turu gerçekleştirmen bizim için çok anlamlıydı. Yola çıkışımızdan, yolculuğun sonuna kadar her gün birbirinden farklı ve beklenmedik detaylarla bizi bambaşka noktalara taşıyarak geçti. Bildiğin gibi seninle ve middle Earth ekibiyle Kappadokya döneminden tanışıklığımız vardı.
Middle Earth ekibinin rehberliği sayesinde Kapadokya deneyimimiz, kente ve çevresindeki bölgelere olan bakış açımız çok daha derin oldu. Turistik bir tur rehberliğinin ötesinde, tarihi ve sosyal hayatı özümseyiş biçiminizden dolayı, o yere yeni gelen birisinin de kente daha anlamlı bakmasını sağlıyorsunuz. Bu çok değerli birşey. Bu açıdan yıllardır yapmak istediğim Hindistan seyahatini de herhangi bir tur firması ile yapmaktansa, bilgisine ve vizyonuna güvendiğim insanlarla yapmayı tercih ettiğim için MiddleEarth ile gerçekleştirmeye karar verdim. Dediğim gibi az kişi olmamıza rağmen, ertelemeyip turu gerçekleştirdiğin için çok teşekkür ederiz.
Yolculuğun başlangıcından sonuna kadar herşey harikaydı. Geçtiğimiz her bir kente bakışımız senin anlattığın bilgiler ve hikayeler ile farklı bir boyuta taşındı diyebilirim. Gördüğümüz ve gezdiğimiz bu coğrafya zaten başlı başına dünyanın en eski medeniyetlerinin buluştuğu bir nokta olsa da, bütün bu farklı zaman dilimlerini, içerisinde yaşattığı ruhunu senin anlattıkların ile daha fazla özümseyebildik. Her ne kadar bu bir ‘tur’ olsa da, bir turist olduğumuzu hiçbir zaman hissetmedik açıkçası..belki az kişi olmamızdan olabilir ancak esas olarak bizi bir turistten çok,tarihsel yanına olduğu kadar gündelik hayatın içine kadar girebilmemizi de sağladığın için gittiğimiz her kentin ruhunu hissedebildik. Kimi zamanlarda bir kentten diğerine aralıksız olarak seyahat etmek çok yorucu olsa da, bence gün sayısı olarak ideal bir süreydi. Liza için de benim için de yaratıcı süreç açısından da ilham dolu ve bilgi birikimi açısından üretken bir seyahat oldu.
Herşey için tekrar çok çok teşekkür ederiz.

Hera + Liza

Hera Büyüktaşçıyan


Merhabalar ;

Bir yurt dışı gezisi planlıyorsanız ve benim gibi yabancı diliniz yoksa, organizasyonu yapan tur şirketi ve grup rehberinin deneyimli, güven veren, işinin ehli olmasını beklersiniz. Aksi halde iletişimsizlik sıkıntılı durumlara yol açabilir. Neyse ki ben bu konuda çok şanslıyım. İki yıl önce katıldığım Afrika turundan tanıdığım rehberimiz Uraz Nehir yine grup rehberimizdi. Ve 12 günlük Hindistan turundan döneli 4 gün oluyor. Tur şirketimiz Middle Earth travel in yerel tur şirketleriyle yaptığı mükemmel organizasyon sayesinde uçaktan indiğimiz andan itibaren klimalı yol araçlarımız, yerel rehberlerimiz bizleri bekliyordu. Her yeni bölgeye geçişte bu böyle devam etti. Konakladığımız otellerin seçimi de gayet başarılıydı. Temiz, yemekleri yenebilir, konforlu. İç hat uçuşları, bir yerden diğer yere geçişlerimizde bizden kaynaklı hiçbir aksama yaşamadık. Yine yerel rehberlerimizin uyarıları doğrultusunda güvenliğimize de çok özen gösterildi. Güvenliğimizin sağlanması bence çok önemliydi. Onlara çok teşekkür ediyorum. Hindistan şimdiye kadar gördüğüm diğer yerlerden çok farklı. Kültürleri, dini inanış ve ibadet ritüelleri, renkleri, kıyafetleri, mucize trafiği, görkemli tarihi eserleri vs; baharatlarında olduğu gibi gibi çeşit çeşit. İşin ilginç yanı bukadar farklılıkta bütünlüğü öyle güzel yakalamışlar ki …. Bence bir masal ülkesi Hindistan. Gezi boyunca, yerel rehberlerimizin anlatımlarını kendi bilgi birikimini de katarak bizlere aktaran, yemek seçimimizden alacağım bir şişe suya kadar her konuda içtenlikle yardımcı olan tur rehberimiz Sevgili Uraz’a ve tur şirketi Middle Earth travel’e sonsuz teşekkür ediyorum. Bizlere unutamayacağımız masal tadında bir gezi programladığınız için.Çalışmalarınız daim olsun.


Serpil Ergün Turhan

Hi Deniz,

Thanks very much for organising the walk (Lycian Way – Pirate Coast), accommodation, transfers, etc for us. We really enjoyed our trip. The walking was fairly demanding, but exactly at the level we wanted. The accommodation was great and including the night at Mrs Sevim’s was perfect.
Turkey is a great place for this sort of trip, with the beautiful scenery and friendly people, and even the weather was excellent! I hope you soon start getting back the number of visitors that the area deserves.

Regards, Mike Peirce
wednesday, october 5, 2016

Hello Deniz,

The tour (st Paul Trail) was really great, in Eğirdir the pension was lovely as I expected. Great location by the lake for bathing in the lake and also for watching sun down over supper. Great food by the way. The first walk up Sivri Peak was a really good start. There was a 15m very steep stretch just after the 500m sign referred to in the notes, (…), the views are spectacular. It is very steep in parts so I recommend poles if, like me, you need to get used to the switch from city pavements to mountainsides.

The pension in Kasımlar was also good, the room was good, clean and everything worked. The family were lovely and great home cooking. I didn’t see much of Kasımlar because of the afternoon storms. The walk to Adada was fantastic, I loved walking through villages and open pasture to Adada and the ancient path from the forum, the one that appears in pictures, went on for hundreds of metres. The walk from Tota was a high route and mainly forest track which made walking easy and great views. Was particularly glad that I had GPS.
The pension in Çaltepe was friendly welcoming, great room and great food.
The only downside was the pension at the Köprülü Canyon. I quite enjoyed watching the rafting and I can see that the setting of the pension is nice, but no one welcomed me or explained anything. The food was average and in the evening I couldn’t even get a cup of tea! The electrics in my room didn’t work, they did offer me a change of room but by the time I realised all my things were unpacked (…). It was such a let down after such a spectacular trip.

All the walks were different, and overall an amazing itinerary (…). For solo travellers the GPS tracks are a big plus, and some of the routes I would not have liked to do on my own without GPS. But that might be because following tracks means I can allow myself to get distracted and wallow in the scenery. The only suggestions I have are that I would have and liked a longer trip and more walks!

The main point however is that the trip was spectacular and thanks for all your help.

Jane Hopton
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hello Deniz,

I don’t know how to start this email to thank you for planning one of the best trips [Lycian Way Family Tour] I made in my life. First of all, our guide Fırat was an amazing, respectable and very friendly, well-mannered young man. It was a pleasure being guided by him.
The choices of the pensions were amazing, the lighthouse in Gey the first 2 nights was one of the highlights of the trip. The schedule was made perfect to suit everybody and the walks varied every day which made them very interesting. The food and things we saw on our walks were beyond description.
I am definitely doing my next trip with you.
Thank you very, very much for everything. This will stay in my mind all my life.

Abeer Alqattan
Friday, August 5, 2016

Dear Els and Deniz,

We are back in Holland almost three weeks. But we still look back regularly at our wonderful time in Turkey on the St. Paul trail.
It was a very nice trekking and not in the least thanks to a perfect organisation of everything. The dwellings, the logistics, the guides, it was all very well arranged and the people were most kind and hospitable…..

Click here for detailed testimonial

Before we set off on our holiday people asked us: “Why are you going to Turkey? It is not safe there and even if it is safe, there is a lot of unrest! Why go to such a place?” We responded, that we believed the trekking of the St. Paul trail was quite safe and that we trusted what Els told us on the “Biking and Trekking Fair” (= “Fiets- en Wandelbeurs 2016) about trekking in Turkey. That in the countryside there was little chance of experiencing anything of the political situation and the refugee-problems and that people there still kept very much to the traditional culture and values of hospitality and kindness.

And so it proved to be, where our hosts in every pension or homestay did their utmost to make us feel at home and comfortable. Or in general: like during one of our walks when we were called by some shepherds to come and join them for a cup of tea. And though the verbal communication was limited it was obvious that they were interested in us, meant well and wished us a pleasant walk.

And what about our very kind and hospitable companion during the first days, Muslim, who told us much about Turkey and in his way was a living advertisement for staying in Fulya Pension with Ibrahim (and Carla)!

Or Fırat who was a kind, patient and knowledgeable guide who told us much about the history and culture of Turkey and who endured with grace and a sense of humor the stubbornness of 6 elderly walkers who generally believe they know things best and who kept us on track withŞ “Haydi, haydi”!

But of course the main attraction were the well chosen sections of the St. Paul trail. The first day started off with the transfer from Antalya to Eğirdir and on the way a visit to the site of ancient Sagalassos. An extraordinary location, good explanations and beautiful weather made this a perfect start of our holiday, to be topped off with a hike to the top of Sivri-peak behind Eğirdir after a quick lunch on arrival in Fulya pension.

The next days we enjoyed some very nice day-walks around Eğirdir with a really moving experience during our home-stay with the family Yaman in Barla/Bagören. They and their son and daughter gave us a very welcome reception and did everything to make our stay comfortable. It was a good introduction to the culture and living-conditions of the people in this part of Turkey and the visit to the rose-farm of the family was really very informative.

After these five days around Eğirdir we walked in a southerly direction. Through the Yazılı-canyon to Sağrak, where we had another homestay with the family of Ramazan and the next day continued on the Roman road to Adada to Sara Yolu Fountain. There we stayed two nights with Abdurrahman and his wife, when we did two sections around Kasımlar.

The last days were around Çaltepe and especially the walk from Fındık to Kesme was very nice with beautiful scenery and very nice weather. Though the weather was actually very good all the time. On two days a light shower in the afternoon and one day a threat of thunder and lightning but by the time it really set in, we were already back at the pension. This time of the year proved to be a good time for trekking.

The stay at Erdinç Barca Pension in Çaltepe is worth mentioning because it is such a nice place to stay! The view, the hosts, the nice open hut where we had our meals if we did not eat under the shade of the fig trees, it made our stay very pleasant and was a hugh contrast with the last pension where we stayed. But maybe we were too spoiled at that time to appreciate the qualities of that pension.

And to conclude this memorable trekking we visited the sites of Perge and Aspendos and the Archaeological Museum of Antalya on our last day. Which once again filled us with admiration for the enormous architectural and artistic achievements of the Greeks and Romans during the Hellenistic era and the way the Turkish government is trying to excavate, restore and display these remains of antiquity.

All in all we had a marvellous time in Turkey and all that thanks to a very well planned, organized and executed itinerary by Deniz and his colleagues of Middle Earth Travel. We will spread the word! Hopefully we will be equally successful as the apostle Paul.

Peter Middelkoop and companions

Peter Middelkoop and companions, Netherlands
Thursday, June 9, 2016


We have enjoyed every minute of our 3 holidays with you and might be able to muster another group in the future. Am sure that Turkey has another adventure for us ‘oldies’ from Plymouth Ramblers. If we do, you’ll be the first to know—guaranteed!
Thanks so much to you and Els for everything and especially for that amazing final meal with the baked fish — incredible and we’ll be talking about it for the rest of our lives.
Pass along our gratitude to Fırat for stepping into Uraz’s shoes for our third trek. He was GOOD!

Click here for detailed testimonial

Just back from our third Plymouth Ramblers UK trip with Middle Earth Travel and once again, we were treated to the hospitality and superb organization by Deniz, Els and Fırat from the company. As one of the principal organizers of international adventures for our local Ramblers group, I first worked with Middle Earth back in 2012 when we took 15 people along the Lycian Way. Our traveling group was split into 1) a group interested in a 14-day continuous walk and 2) a group interested in a 19-day continuous walk. Deniz customized their typical week-long itineraries to accommodate both our groups along the coastline introducing us to ‘what Turkey has to offer the keen walker.’ As the first group to walk continuously for a multi-week itinerary, Deniz organized to perfection everything for our group. Of course, our introduction to Turkey and its walking delights only wetted our appetite so we were back again a year later for a split Cappadocia/Mediterrean gulet adventure that found us centre-based in Goreme and floating on the Med for a relaxing conclusion to our 2-week holiday. Once again, Deniz masterminded the trip making it a different holiday, but errorless and seamless. And although we waited another 3 years to return, we had always considered another walking return so we chose the St Paul’s Way as our focus. It is hard to compare walking environments, but this trail is quite different in that we were in far more remote locations as we walked through areas of history seen by few. After 8 walking days, we treated ourselves to another 5 nights on a gulet before returning home to Plymouth. As you can see, we have chosen to use and to return to Middle Earth Travel for several trips and we would never consider using any other trekking company for a Turkish holiday. With Middle Earth, we were not in tourist locations as we were in the countryside amongst Turkish families in comfortable and interesting accommodation. It was different every night on both long-distance treks and our group loved the variety and uniqueness of each night’s stay. Food was both delicious and plentiful in each and every location. Food is one of the cultural parts of Turkey that should appeal to everyone. Lastly, we have always taken a guide as part of our Middle Earth trips and we have enjoyed Uraz for the first two and Fırat for the last. Guiding in Turkey is a learned skill whereby these two young men led us along ancient paths, stopped us to explain the historic importance of a place or ancient site, looked after our every need and made sure we left Turkey with a fuller understanding of its people, culture, cuisine and beauty. So much of a good holiday depends on your leader and both Uraz and Fırat did themselves proud by the Plymouth Ramblers. Thanks from all of us who now know Turkey better than most foreigners.

Larry and Mary, Plymouth Ramblers, UK
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Good Morning Deniz,

We are all home safely after a wonderful holiday thanks to Middle Earth Travel and our guide Fırat. People are saying ‘what Next?!!!’ We shall have to see. Thank you too for the wonderful meal on Saturday evening. Such a real pleasure to meet Els as well. Very best wishes to you all (including driver Mustafa).

Joy Topping, Plymouth Ramblers, UK
Monday, May 30, 2016

Dear Deniz,
Recently I returned from your self-guided trip on St Paul Trail. For me it was the first time that I made such a trip alone. I look back on a really nice week and a great experience. I have seen a very nice part of Turkey.

Every day it was a surprise what I had to expect, sometimes with finding the next red/white waymarks immediately, sometimes after looking around for a while. Different landscapes with woods, rocks, fields, nice views, flowers and very quiet and beautiful areas. I did not meet many people during the walks, but if I did, they were very friendly. The warning for dogs in the description was not necessary this time, I only met 2 at a distance but they were not interested in me.

The description of the daytours was ok but sometimes things were not very clear for me because I have a bad feeling of orientation. I was happy to have my gps with me. From time to time the red/white marks were not clear or had disappeared and were replaced by stacked stones, but finally I always found the right direction and was on the agreed time at the appointed place to pick me up.
The pensions where good places to sleep, food was nice and the people were helpful. In Kasimlar communication was difficult because they only spoke turkish but it was a nice experience to have meals in the traditional turkish way.

Meetings at the end of each day were always as appointed, the driver on time and I myself arrived at the time as agreed.
I am very satisfied with the choice of Middle Earth Travel and if in the future I have the chance again to make such a trip I will surely contact you.

With best regards,

Eddy Vogely
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Teşekkür ederiz Deniz and Els,
for your brilliant organisation for our walk along the Lycian Way!

The communication about this tour at all times was clear, precise and responsive to our requests. We decided to combine the Seven Capes walk with The Pirates Coast walk and this was accomplished perfectly with the appropriate length of days walking and the number of rest days. We were both impressed by the choices for the accommodation which were varied in style and settings, but distinguished by wonderful hospitality and good food.

The walk notes that we were given were accurate and detailed so we were never confused. All the transfers worked seemlessly and the drivers were magnificent, friendly and attentive. Thank you to Mehmet in particular.

Compared to all the other companies that we looked at, Middle Earth Travel provided the best value for money, flexibility and variety of accommodation.

A truly wonderful experience, and thank you Deniz for making it happen!

Best regards,

Trish and Nigel
Wednesday, May 6th, 2016


We had an absolutely terrific self-guided hiking holiday along the Lycian Way, organised by Middle Earth Travel. Deniz did an amazing job putting together a bespoke trip for us, reflecting our choices regarding duration, length of daily hikes, and accommodations; and combining the best sections of the Lycian Way – coastal walkways with the waves literally lapping at your feet, paths meandering through forests, and high mountain trails dotted with ancient monasteries – to make for a superb overall trip. With the high-quality trail descriptions he provided, going without a guide was absolutely no problem. And the luggage transport and connecting transfers always worked perfectly without a hitch. One particular highlight were the pensions he selected – each evening we were greeted with incredibly warm hospitality and delicious home-cooked Turkish food”
Hope all is well with you!

Warm regards,
Hauke, Jennifer and Konstantin
Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Hello Uraz and Hami,
Thank you for this great week in Cappadocia.
Everything went fine and was organized very well.
The recommendation for Kapadokya Balloons was very good and it was an unforgettable experience.
Same with our hikes with Hami.
He is a super guide, who showed us wonderful valleys/places, was always cautious and patient, took care on our needs and answered all our (stupid) questions.
Hami, thank you again!!

Best regards,
Saturday, April 14, 2016

Dear Atil,

web için

Thank you for arranging our guide for Istanbul. As you know, we have already had a terrific first day together with Oz. Probably the highlight was the Hittite collection in the Ancient Oriental collection in the Archeology Museum – a completely new experience for both of us of a past influential culture. The Aya Ereni was also an unexpected pleasure.

As you know we were strongly recommended to you by close friends from Adelaide,) Christine Smith and Kevin Crawshaw and we look forward to passing on the same positive recommendation. We are really enjoying Tria by the way.

Many thanks. Perhaps we will be able to repay your hospitality in Sydney.

Best regards.

Saturday, April 11, 2016

Dear Deniz,

I just wanted to thank you very much for organizing a great Lycian Way hike for us! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. The hike is superb, the pensions/hotels nice and the people very friendly. We are bringing home wonderful memories.

And thank you so much for the birthday cake. Everybody enjoyed it!

One small negative point: at the pension in Alinca we were not given sheets or towels. This does not change the fact that they were very nice to us and the food was excellent!

Once again, thank you very much!
Best regards,

Marc-André and Catherine Renold
Saturday, April 2, 2016


We are now back in California. We really enjoyed our trip with you and the Sierra Club. Afterwards we flew to England and hiked in North Yorkshire and the Lake District, which was a bit less challenging, and although a lot wetter than Turkey.

The trip was well planned and you were an excellent guide. If we go back to Turkey we are definitely going to connect with you. Your knowledge of history, geology, and the fact you can sing made this quite a trip.

And your skill as a mountain guide was much appreciated when I almost fell off the mountain!

We were very pleased to meet you.


Stephen J. Meyer
Monday, October 26, 2015

Dear Deniz,
Carol and I wanted to thank you for a second, brilliant, walking holiday. In 2014 you organised a six day walk for us along St Paul’s Way. In 2015 you built in two days on the Lycian Way followed by a further five days on St Paul’s Way. We could not have enjoyed ourselves more. The navigation notes for both were excellent and we found our way with almost no difficulty, even though we didn’t see another walker at all on St Paul’s Way. We love walking in beautiful scenery and in remote areas and you once again triumphed. Physically the walks were well within my 65 years old capability and we kept within the guide times except when we stopped to look at villages, Roman ruins etc., and to talk to goatherds or simply for a long picnic lunch. The hotels were as we expected – basic but good, with Fulya Pension in Eğirdir winning first prize for help ferrying us around, and Olympus Mountain Lodge, on the Lycian way being the most beautiful – as well as luxurious!

Thanks you again,
James Grazebrook
Monday, October 19, 2015

monika_felixAtil and Uraz,
Thank you for your help, we had a great trip, kapadokya is great coutry, so is Turkey. Great people and wonderful landscape.
Here are some pictures from our trip.
Alain and Veronique
Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear Deniz,
Carol and I wanted to thank you for a second, brilliant, walking holiday. In 2014 you organised a six day walk for us along St Paul’s Way. In 2015 you built in two days on the Lycian Way followed by a further five days on St Paul’s Way. We could not have enjoyed ourselves more. The navigation notes for both were excellent and we found our way with almost no difficulty, even though we didn’t see another walker at all on St Paul’s Way. We love walking in beautiful scenery and in remote areas and you once again triumphed. Physically the walks were well within my 65 years old capability and we kept within the guide times except when we stopped to look at villages, Roman ruins etc., and to talk to goatherds or simply for a long picnic lunch. The hotels were as we expected – basic but good, with Fulya Pension in Eğirdir winning first prize for help ferrying us around, and Olympus Mountain Lodge, on the Lycian way being the most beautiful – as well as luxurious!

Thanks you again,
James Grazebrook
Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear Deniz and Team,
monika_felixnow back in Germany, where the autum has already started, we would like to let you know how much we enjoyed the wonderful time we had in Turkey on our self guided tour of the Lycian way.
Everything was so well arranged, that we could focus on hiking through a great landscape and visit historic sites, which was extremely helpful as some days we had to face 36°C. That seems to be kind of luxurious to us.

All accommodations were nice and the food was so tasty, that we really miss it.
Please give our special thanks to:
Mrs. Nurgül, the daughter of Mr. Bayram in Gey for the excellent meals she prepared for us. Although we could not really communicate, since our Turkish is rather poor, we experienced great hospitality and friendlyness.
Family Kirca and team at the Flower Pension in Patara: great place and food, so nice and helpfull people, who are aware of their precious village and nature.
The owner of the Kayhan Hotel in Kas, Mrs.?, who gave us many helpfull hints. Dining on her terrace on the 4th floor was one of the highlights of the day.
Once again thank you for a remarkable holiday!
Monika and Felix Herwegh
Sunday, October 11, 2015

I‘d like to thank you all for making my time in Turkey such a pleasurable experience. I feel that you all went out of your way to help me understand your culture and customs plus scouting the hikes in Cappadocia. Everyone on the trip had a fabulous time and really appreciated all that you did on the trip and also pre and post trip arrangements.
I look forward to working with you all in the future.
Best wishes,
Angela White – Sierra Club
Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dear Uraz

I have been thinking of you all week. What an experience you gave us! Everyone is quite taken, really more than pleased that it all turned out so well. And we surely know whom to thank!

Uraz, you are a very special person. You made us feel so welcome and taken care of all week long. And not only that: Your broad knowledge on all kinds of subjects, your effort to make us comfortable in all situations on the paths, your patience and humour melted our hearts. You are truly much more than a guide to us, dear Uraz and I really hope that we will meet again! Besides we feel very special knowing that you skipped office in order to make an exception and guide us!

After coming home it has been hard to tell others what we have experienced, because Cappadocia is so unique. Many in our group have travelled much, but no one have seen anything like that supervulcano landscape. With all your facts and explanations we feel that we have grasped how life has been there for centuries and centuries. It was like stepping right down in history, which feels as a precious gift.

And although I and Elisabeth had been to Cappadocia last fall, trekking there was quite another thing. That I had expected, but what I couldn´t foresee was how much bigger the experience would be.

We are not so young any more. Many in the group have had health problems in the past, and I noticed that you had to chose easier tracks lots of times. But we are still young at heart, longing to learn and experience more. I hope that you felt how thankful we were for the opportunity you gave us.

So what was best? I truly don´t know. But one thing I do know: I´m thankful for every minute of it! Full point for all arrangements!

Uraz, you are very talented and surely in the right field, so I wish all the best for you in the future, both considering job and family.
It was so good to meet with Eda and Bade, to see you all three (four…) together. Experiencing a child growing up is a true miracle – but not always a dance on roses …

Hope you´ll have an opportunity to take some time off after the week with us and the congress directly after. Just to relax. You deserve it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PS Please don’t forget to tell Serkan hello. He contributed much to the warm and relaxed feeling.

Hi Atil,

Thanks a lot for being so kind and asking how I am.
Believe me or not, I was about writing to Uraz today.
First of all thanks to Uraz and to all people from your company for being so kind, helpful and reliable! You definitely contributed to make our trip great and memorable. It was my first contact with people like you from Turkey and I must say that I’m very much impressed! You are lovely!!!!(This is not a compliment, but the truth:) ) I hope to have again occasion to meet you. I personally think that maybe I can join to some of your organized tours next year. There is still much to be explored in Turkey!

Have a great start of the day! Stay always so cool and enjoy life the way you do it!

Warm regards from me to you and especially to Uraz!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi Uraz,
Thanks again for taking Alex and me (Tim), through Ihlara valley yesterday. We both learned an incredible amount about the local area and history that we would have otherwise been completely unaware. We got so much more out of the trek by being led by you. It was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday for us!!
Best of luck with everything mate! If you do make it to Australia and Newcastle, I’d be delighted for you to stay with me. You can contact me through this email. Newcastle is considered the craft beer capital of Australia; there’s thousands of pale ales to choose from!
Hopefully see you again some time.
Tim Evans ve Mardy Linqvist
Saturday, August 22, 2015

We did not have time to properly thank Mustapha and yourself for making our trip unforgettable. I do not know if you are the best guide in Turkey but we do know that you made our trip the best it could be. You have a great personality and are very knowledgeable. We both appreciated your availability and courtesy. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed our conversations about life and politics in Turkey. I hope you will forgive me for testing your sense of humor and your patience! We can only wish the very best for yourself and your growing family.

Please relay to Mustapha our sincere appreciation. Not only is he a great driver but he also added a lot to our pleasure by his kind and joyful demeanor. His driving was perfect, we never felt in danger, he was always on time and the vehicle was always clean.

Best regards,

Michel and Josée.
Friday, June 12, 2015

Thank you Kerem for such an interesting and informative visit today. Best wishes from Justy and Nikki

Nikki Thomas-Orl Monday, September 08, 2014

Merhaba Nilüfer

SONY DSC I just want to say. HUGE thank you to everyone at Middle Earth involved in organising our trip. It was brilliant in all ways – accomodation as always was top notch, our driver Mustafa sensational and ultra skilful, Uraz and Kerem more like family than guides, food … Too good to be true, sites visited just blew us away.

The current unstable situation in South East didn’t help but at all times we felt safe and knew we would be. Despite having to cancel our walk on Abrahams Path, the alternative was quickly organised and Adilcevaz is a favourite of mine.

Please pass my sincere thanks onto Kerem, whom stepped in at the last minute, it wouldn’t have been easy…. But we thoroughly enjoyed his company and extensive knowledge.

I hope to be back again, and hope for a Utica and peaceful settlement to the current situation.

Thanks again

Sunday,October 26, 2014

Hi Deniz, I would just like to say thanks for such a wonderfully organized trip that Middle Earth and your most excellent guides provided for John and I.
All the arrangements were beyond expectations and the experience was most rewarding. Thank-you very much for all the logistics and arranging. You have an excellent team. I will be recommending “Middle Earth” to all my interested colleagues.
Thanks again

Dear Uraz,

I want to thank you for making our Turkey trip such a wonderful success. I can’t say enough positive things. Carole Moore described you as “indomitable,” a perfect description indeed. You were always there when we needed you, took care of us when our energy was waning, always positive and handled every situation with a smile. And what a nice surprise when you had read our minds and had cold drinks for us when we arrived at the van the second day. Always one jump a head of us. A special thanks from me for taking care of me when I fell and making sure I got to the clinic. Over and above being so responsible you are very knowledgeable of Turkish history. and culture. You made things come alive. A BIG THANKS FOR ALL OF US!

Good luck with your family, your little girls and I look forward to having you as a guide in the future..


Carol De Vries,
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 5:18 AM

Hello Mehmet:
I am Julia. We are 3 girls from Taiwan. We attended your “Ihlara Valley Tour” at 13/May/2014. We are back in Taiwan now. We enjoyed our time in Turkey very much. Our highlight was the time in Goreme. I’m not sure we’ll come again. But I am sure I never forget there. Thank you for taking us to so many special places. We had a good time in the Ihlara Valley.
Julia(from Taiwan)
Sunday, May 25, 2014 11:42 AM

hike and arkeolojiI wanted to let you know what a wonderful trekking holiday we enjoyed on the Seven Capes Tour last week. Firat was an outstanding tour guide and our driver Mustafa made everything run smoothly. Firat is an expert at making sure everyone is Ok and that he sets the right pace for the walks. We felt very well looked after and the the food was great too! We had a very cold night at Alinca but Firat asked our village hosts to provide extra blankets and to light the fire to keep us warm. We are so pleased that we chose Middle Earth Travel and can’t wait until our next trek With very best wishes to you all at Middle Earth Travel Reina and Ian

Monday,Sunday, April 14, 2013 12:10 PM

lycian way trekking turkey
Dear Deniz,
I recently completed the Lycian Way holiday.
Both the tour guide and the driver were most professional and helpful.
The driver in particular went out of his way to make me feel comfortable.
My only complaint would be the single supplement I was forced to pay on the

spot at
the first night’s accommodation; I had to pay this in cash in sterling.
This supplement had not been mentioned beforehand and had seemed not to be

part of the contract. Perhaps you could advise. It is important that clients are

aware of all costs before embarking on a holiday. They should not be hidden.
Yours sincerely ,

Monday, April 15, 2013 11:46 AM

Dear Atil,
We would like to thank Middle Earth Travel for the very good organization of our Trek in the Kackar Mountains and Mount Ararat climb.
The guide Uraz and his deputy Salim did a very good job. We really liked their accompaniment, their approach to our children, the way how they managed to meet our needs, their cooking skills, their extended knowledge of the Turkish culture and history, etcetera.
Unfortunately the return soccer game (the Turkish Team lost from the Dutch children) failed due to the loss of footballs. Next time better!
We fell in love with the Kackar mountains. Not only due to the hot springs in Ayder, but also the flowers, lakes (nice for bathing) and the beautiful view from the top of the Mount Kackar. Exiting was the Mount Ararat climb. The view was similar as mountains in Norway (100% fog), the temperature too (minus 10 deg Celsius) and a nice snowstorm. Two days before us people summitted in shorts and shirts …
Conclusion: It were a magnificent 2 weeks.
We will recommend Middle Earth Trekking to our friends if they want to go to Turkey. Of course this mail can also be placed on your website.
Kind regards,
Rob Lith

Hello Deniz

Thank you so much for arranging such an interesting and enjoyable holiday for us. The whole trip was a great success and we all had a really good time. Uraz was very good to us and as per last year gave us a lot of information about the area we were walking in. The walks were all good and varied, but the one that stays in the memory is the one through the gorge and walking by the river with the lunch in the river ‘cabins’. Only the ladies in the party swam in the thermal lake!!
The crew on the Swordfish could not have been more helpful and all the meals were delicious, giving us ideas for meals here at home. I am afraid we may have disappointed Uraz by not wanting to visit the churches on St Nicholas Island and walk through the ancient site at Dalyan. Swimming and resting were more attractive I am afraid. However the river trip was interesting and we were amazed at the number of boats that were going to and from the beach.
It was a long day returning to the UK made worse by a lot of heavy traffic from Gatwick and the motorway.
I hope Uraz is enjoying his time with the nomadic families and their goats. It was good to meet up with him again for this trip and to meet Eda, his future wife. Please let us know when he gets married.
Regards and best wishes to you all and thank you again from all of us.

Janet (Charlies Angel 2)

Janet Coleman , Monday, June 03, 2013

01 (7).jpgHi travel mates—
We had a super time in Turkey with you all. Planning this trip was a labor of love, and it was repaid several times over by all your reactions. We love Turkey—the history, the geography and geology, the food, the culture, and most of all, the people. (We don’t love the political leadership, but then we haven’t always loved America’s political leadership either.)
We’ve been delighted to see our American friends absorb the atmosphere and come to share our love for the place and the people. We got to see most of the highlights that we wanted to show off to you, but there’s still a large part of Turkey that we haven’t experienced, so maybe we’ll go back for an umpteenth time. We’ll be sure to invite you when we do.
To our Turkish friends, çok teşekkur ederim for making our friends’ experience one of love and wonder. Yakında tekrar sizi göreceğiz, inşallah.

Roxane and Bob, On Jun 22, 2013

Ditto, ditto, ditto to everything everyone has already said so much more eloquently than I can! Fabulous trip, wonderful people.
I’m still a little grumpy about no longer having access to all the wonderful food on the gulet….
John and I would be remiss if we didn’t once again thank Bob and Roxane for making this wonderful adventure happen. We also extend our thanks to all of Bob’s Turkish friends who so generously opened a new world to us. We loved every minute of this very personal journey on which we were taken. We feel privileged to have such wonderful people in our lives.
John & Debbie, On Jun 23, 2013

Hi Deniz. Just wanted to let you know that our 5 day Lycian Way trek (14-18 May with Koray) was the highlight of our recent trip to Turkey. Koray is a fantastic guide and we really enjoyed our time with him. Plus the landscape is quite spectacular. It really was an amazing experience. Thank you for your help in organising this for us-your company is very professional and Im sure you will see some of our friends coming to Turkey soon and contacting you as well. We would like to come back at a later date and do some more of the Lycian Way-and maybe even a cycle trip in Cappadocia!
Thanks again, Jo Hayes, May 2013

Middle Earth Travel was a perfect choice for me, a 72-year-old solo, seasoned, active woman traveler heading out alone for another adventure following two weeks in Turkey with my sister. They arranged a trek on the famously beautiful Lycian Way (on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast) with a small, compatible group (similar age and capability) and energetic guide (Ferit) as well as two-days private guided tour of villages and awesome ruins in what was ancient Lycia with a remarkable guide (Tuna). Both guides were well-trained, knowledgeable, and had excellent English as well as a great sense of humor. Lodging along the Lycian Way was mostly simple but more than adequate, including great food at day’s end. Deniz Cuce, my Middle Earth contact, was responsive, creative, flexible and accommodating, helping me craft an itinerary that suited my relatively short time frame. He fulfilled all requests, providing bus schedules and airport transfers that met my needs. Costs were inclusive…there were no surprises. Middle Earth deserves a 10 out of 10 and should inspire other older, solo travelers!
Testimonial from Tripadvisor, April 2013

cappadocia family holiday
Dear Koray and Uraz,
Back in Belgium we think a lot of Cappadocië. We had a wonderful time with both of you and the group.
The children are still talking about you both and they miss you.
Wout wants to come back and do the trip all over again.
We (the grandparents) also enjoyed the tour and your friendship. We are proud of ourselves that we were able to walk through the different valleys.
Be sure that we recommend your company to all our friends.
Thanks again for everything. We had the time of our live!
Eric and Erna (official name Joanna)

Eric and Erna, Monday, May 06, 2013 7:50 PM

trekking in turkeyEva’s daughter, Caroline and children, are on their way to explore your neck of the woods.
Gaye, it sounds like a very good program you have put together for them.
Eva, Jean Carol and I had a super time nearly every minute of every day. Only the rolly rocks on steep descents caused moments of trepidation. I am sending you the photo of Eva on her head at the Mt. Olympus Pass plus several other photos and a video of Koray giving a tutorial for making Turkish tea.
Hoping to send more Santa Feans your way, including us.
Susan, 19 Mayıs 2013 Pazar 20:16

Dear Deniz, we are now all back home and, also on behalf of our group, I want to thank you for the great organization. A further pleasure was meeting Els, who is a very nice person and whose company we really appreciated. Benoit was a fantastic guide, firm and gentle in guiding a group of people with strong personalities…Of course a word of appreciation also for the driver, who was always careful and timely, besides being nice and smiling.
We had a memorable experience and loved your beautiful country.
Warm regards, Paola

Oi Uraz and Atil. It seems incredibly strange to be back home and morphing back into the rhythm of everyday life. Words cannot describe the amazing time our group of 11 aussies and 1 lonely pom had in Turkey. The credit must firstly go to one of the most knowledgeable guides I have ever had, thank you Uraz and to you Atil for persevering with my myriad of emails organising this adventure.
Uraz thank you for showing us Turkey through young Turkish eyes. We have eaten, drunk, sailed, swum, snorkelled, trekked, paraglided, ballooned and danced on our toes across the Lycian Way all under your watchful eye. We now know a gozleme from a pide, an Efes from a Tuborg, a nice story from hard fact, how to chill out and hangout, the difference between an ancient road and a tarmac. You illuminated, energised, exaggerated, eliminated and enthralled us all with your stories and hospitality. All I asked for was clear skies, warm temperatures and cool breezes as we hiked uphill. What I got surpassed all our expectations.Thank you so much we’ll be back ☺ Deb Kahn

lycian wayDear Kerem –
Thank you for another wonderful holiday at Angels Garden – it was great to
spend time with you again in your beautiful country. I have returned home
with a heart full of sights, songs, smells and sounds which are helping me
as I get back into work mode.

Here’s a picture for you to remind you of our week.

Much love Sylvia
PS Thank you for indulging me with your swimming hat cameo!!

Sylvia,May 09, 2013 9:18 PM

Just back from the Aegean Coast Road Biking Tour and what a fantastic time we had. Challenging at times(!) but all the climbs were so well worth all the spectacular views and wonderful scenery. The routes were well thought out – far away from the ‘madding crowds’- with plenty of time to admire the landscape, swim and eat the wonderful picnics lovingly prepared by the amazing Huseysin! The hotels were all different in true Turkish style with very welcoming hosts and delicious local food. There were a few added bonuses for us too: spontaneous invitation to a Turkish Wedding, semi-tame wild boar on the beach, tortoises in the road and a perfectly positioned armchair at the top of a mountain. The lengths ‘Biking in Turkey’ go to to make your holiday memorable!!!!!!!
Such a great way to see Turkey! Thank you Jon and Huseyin for a truly amazing trip. Miss you all! Marina and Roger Leary. October 2012

cappadocia cycling tourHi Jon,
We just wanted to send an email to thank you very much for the guided cycling tour which you arranged for us earlier this month. We had an absolutely amazing time, the organisation was faultless, and the route – going through some incredible backcountry and unspoilt villages – left us feeling like we had been on a real adventure, but with the comfort of support if needed.
We both felt that the accommodation was a great mix, really well chosen and very friendly. We’ve attached some photos which represent our experience very well. Feel free to use them on any promotions if you want.
Thanks again for a great week – we will not hesitate to recommend your company to family and friends.

Ed and Jackie, Wednesday, May 22, 2013 12:39 AM

Dear Deniz, Belated but sincere thanks for organizing such a great itinerary and for assigning wonderful guides to my magical Turkey visit. Tuna was superb in every respect…as you know. Knowledgeable, flexible, pleasant and a real treat. Of the few guides my sister and I used, he ranks #1. Ferat was the perfect Lycian Trail leader for our little band of hearty Brits and me. I hated to leave before the end of the trail. Not to be forgotten: Mehmet and his Dad, both wonderful people and careful, caring drivers. I will post on Trip Advisor a glowing review but wanted to touch base now. I’ve been back in DC for two weeks but health issue (now on mend) kept me from moving ahead with my thank-you’s. Know this is your busy season and wish you much success. If ever I’m back inTurkey (which I hope will happen) be assured I’ll try to arrange and adventure with Middle EArth. In any case, you have my highest recommendation and I’m happy to be a resource for curious travelers interested in your guide company. All the best to you and to your staff, Lynn Lewis

Hi Deniz, Thank you for organising last week’s walk so well. We loved the scenery, the hotels gave us excellent service and Cenk is a fantastic guide. He is knowledgeable, funny, resouceful and very good company. We hope to go on another walk with him some day. Our transfers at Istanbul were fine and the hotel was comfortable and central…
We shall certainly recommend Middle Earth Travel to our friends. We enjoyed meeting you too. Many thanks, Richard. 19/10/2011

Dear Atil. Thank you again for a great week in Cappadocia. Thanks to your knowledge, experience in the region, and friendliness the visit was truly memorable. We hope to see you again at some of your other tours. Best regards, Vicki and Hans – October 2012

Dear Gaie, I did not really get to say a proper thank you to you for guiding us in Cappadocia. You brought an ancient culture to life for us and added so many personal touches to add to the wealth of our experience of Turkey. I enjoyed our discussions over the three days we were together and I feel that I am beginning to understand some of the complexity that makes up Anatolia. The warmth and courtesy of all the people we met on our journey added to the experience. Thanks for challenging me in small ways so that I got the most out of our time together. I wish you and your family all the very best. I hope Sue Perri liked her wall hanging. Warm regards. Lee Ann – October 2012

I also wanted to thank you for the trip. You really listened to our preferences in planning the trip as we wished. The hotel choices were just what we were looking for and the itinerary was perfect. We saw the ‘must see’ sites (Hagia Sofia my favorite of them), but then saw many of the out of the way places as well. Those were really some of the highlights for me. I really enjoyed, for example, hiking on St Nicholas Island from the boat where I was the only one there, seeing the churches, covered 100 meter covered walkways, pot chards and unrestored ruins in privacy. Other hikes in the Melendiz River Valley with its churches, Termessos , the Tinaztepe Caves as well as other such sites are exactly the kind of thing I love. The Rumi Museum was really a treat and the Sultanhani Caravanserai gave reality to the Silk Road which we have only studied in an almost mythical way. Also staying in the parts of towns where we could walk out and be in today’s world rather than in a removed very nice hotel was exactly what we had hoped for. I could go on and on, but thank you for what you did for us. Also, I have to tell you that all of us so appreciated Ilhan. He is such a gentleman, very knowledgeable, open to answering any question and went way beyond his job description to find things and accommodate our interests. He was a perfect fit for our group which became a mix of some who were limited and some who loved and preferred the strenuous. Please pass along our appreciation to him once again. Tom Meissner

Hi Deniz. We arrived home safely. The trip was very enjoyable and well organised. We will certainly recommend you in the future.
Best wishes. Gillian and Christine – October 2012

Dear Gaye, Gürcan, Atil, and friends! Hello, we have been back in Germany for 10 days now. However, whenever we think back to the holiday trip to Turkey and especially the days we spent in Kapadokya with you it helps us cope with daily routine, work, and the cold German wheather. We wanted to thank you again very, very much for the great time we had and your perfectly organizing everything for us.
BTW, did you know that Muzaffer Sümer, the owner of Yorgo Seferis Residence Otel, spent some years in Germany as a child? He went to school in a place near Nuremberg and talks German very well. That made it a lot easier for us: he helped us with translation, telephone calls, and organized that someone gave us a ride to Izmir one day and to the airport when we left. Sorry for not contacting your parents. We know you were absolutely serious when inviting us in their name but we did not want to bother as they did not know us at all. If we had met them with you before things would have been different. Anyway, our thanks and warmest regards to all of you. We hope to see you again, maybe when doing another tour with middle earth? Who knows…. Would be great, though. Take care, Maud&Christian. 23/10/2011

Just back from a marvellous holiday in Turkey (one week Pirates coast trek + one week sailing). We all want to thank Middle Earth Travel for the nice experience we did also this year. We had great fun and enjoyed both the mountains and the sea. Please send Deniz all our greetings and thanks for his liking and for having managed transfers, accommodation and trails to perfection. A big hug also to Abbas, our excellent guide. We were very impressed by his kindness and his skill in explaining history and culture of your beautiful country. The “blu voyage” was amazing. We loved the boat and the crew, they did a great job for us. Everything was perfect. Paola and 15 friends. Italy 20/10/2011

Hi Deniz, just to let you know that we really enjoyed our tour. The walking and scenery was superb, and the accommodation and food was all very good. Ozgur was a very patient and informative guide, and we will book again with your company in the future! Many thanks. Karen & Elaine
Dear Atil, we just want to thank you so much for the great trip we had with Uraz in the Kackar mountains. As you probably have heard already we had a lot of sun and some nice bear sightings! We’ll certainly recommend your company to all our friends! Great job! Best wishes, Marion and Jan
Hi Atil, we are back in London now and I just wanted to say we LOVED Turkey, and found everybody we dealt with with Middle Earth very friendly and helpful! Also, thanks very much for helping me with the present and booking the hotel for me before we got to Cappadocia and say a special thanks to Deniz for getting up at 3am today to get us to the airport! I said to Cate a few days ago we should do the entire Lycian Way when we retire, so hopefully you’ll see us in 20 odd years (if not sooner for a shorter holiday!) Thanks, Ewan

We enjoyed our time in Turkey very much. Our highlight was the time in Goreme. I’m sure we’ll come again. The walk with you were very special. Thank you for taking us to so many special places. We had a good time in the Aladaglar mountain. It wasn’t easy because it was just as hot as in Cappadocia. The views were beautiful and it’s been a very special and rewording experience. The Belgian Family were lovely. We are very glad we did the trip. I enjoyed meeting you and wish you all the best. Thanks for guiding us. Almut
Dear Uraz, I want to thank you for one of the most interesting travel adventures I experienced in my life. We will remember the multiple good moments we had on this travel. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to travel again with you and your company in the future. Give also my kind regards towards Uraz and Emra. Best regards, Dirk Kempeneers

Dear Kerem, Just a short note to thank you for helping us have such a wonderful week in the Kackar. We loved the walks you chose, and they were exactly the variety we wanted. We loved the mountain scenery and seeing the local life there. We certainly felt fitter at the end! You were a great guide and we really appreciated your knowledge of birds and flowers which were expecially magnificent. By the way, what was the type of the orchid that we saw – we were trying to identify it in one of my father’s books, but the name didn’t seem to match with what you had said and my photo didn’t have enough detail really. We have attached a few photos of some memorable moments! We had a good week in the Georgian and Armenian areas, especially driving past Cildir lake It was very picturesque and a great contrast to the mountains. Thanks to you, Gaye and Atil for sorting out our hotels in our second week – all worked well after the initial hiccup at the Yeni Cinar in Erzurum. Please do email us before you come to London in December, as it would be lovely to meet for a meal or drink. With all best wishes and many thanks for helping us have a great holiday in a wonderful place. We are thinking about the St Paul’s trail…. Neville and Juliet. 03/08/2011

Hello Kerem, We are already at home for a few days … Here in Belgium it is cold ( 17 C )… So get used to us. Wout wrote something above. I will try to translate what he wrote. “I liked it very much in Turkey”. Is there already another family that you should guide? Than you maybe played Kakkerlakkenpoker with the family. My mom has meanwhile bought a new kakkerlakkengame. Will you gives meany of greets to Moustafa when you see him? Lots of greetings from Wout. We enjoyed very much for the 7 days in Lycia. It was great, wonderful… Everyone talks about it every day. Sometimes we said : we were now doing this or that… I started sorting the photos. When that work is done, I will send you some of the photos. In this way we have a beautiful souvenir of the magical journey. The reunion in Belgium will be at 22/01/2012. Johan gave us the date. We blocked the date in our calendar. Maybe we’ll meet there again. You can rightly be proud of this beautiful journey. We send you and Moustafa a lot of greetings en very much thank for everything. If you are in Belgium, you are certainly welcome. Herman – Kathleen – Daan – Robbe – Wout

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