St. Paul Tour

Here is a list of activities that are available in St Paul Trail region (Lake District). You can choose any number of these options as well as any number of daywalks from the standard tours pages. You can choose walks and activities from different regions as well.

Rafting on Koprulu River

Here is a popular rafting spot and St. Paul Trail crosses this river exactly at the point where the rafts start their daily trips. During the season (april-october) there are always many groups so it is possible to do rafting as a group or to join a group individually as well.

Boat Ride on Lake Egirdir

On lake Egirdir you can take a boat ride to cross the lake. Or you can join our friend Musa, the fisherman for a fishing cruise.

Visiting the ancient site of Adada

Definitely one of the highlights of the whole St Paul Trail Trek, the ancient city itself and the old stone construction road leading to it are both inspiring. Many of the buildings are still in quite good condition and the old road is incredibly beautiful. (St Paul Trail-1Week)

Ruins of Sagalassos

Recently a very successful piece of reconstruction was completed and the ancient nymphaeum (monumental fountain) was restored with the water from its original source! This and the ruins of the city perched on a mountian are very impressive to see. This visit can also be combined with a half day walk from the ruins to Isparta.