Kackar Tours

Here is a list of activities that are available in the Kackar region. You can choose any number of these options as well as any number of daywalks from the standard tours pages. You can choose walks and activities from different regions as well. For example, you can ask for, “Days 3-4-6 from 1 week Cappadocia program, 2-3-7 from the St Paul trail, hot air balloon ride and rafting in Cappadocia and visiting an old hamam in St Paul Trail.

Please check the map while you are doing this. Long transfers mean more cost and less trekking! Also you can add items that are completely out of our list. Then we will work all the information you send us to create a unique itinerary that will fit your desires.


Rafting River Cotuh is offers a major rafting opportunity. It is fast and wild waters ar efor experienced rafters. For the less experienced, a tributary of it near Yusufeli is another option.

Ayder Hot Springs

65C natural water flowing into a clean kept, neat pool makes the hot springs an ideal place for relaxing after walking in the mountains.

Sumela Monastery

Carved into the sheer rock face, the monastery is an amazing sight to see. You reach the monastery after a nice trek of 45-60 mins in a forest. The wall paintings and the rooms are stil in good condition and the visit is an unforgettable experience.

Bull Wrestling

The bulls, which are brought from different parts of the province, are wrestled according to the classification based on their weights and neck thickness. Since the beginning date of bull wrestling, some regulations have been used in order to protect bulls from any harm, and maximum care has been shown for them not to suffer. This kind of wrestling which has no match that is heard or seen across the world, also displays the permanent characteristics of the region.