Hike & Sail

Hike & Sail

DAY 1 Airport Fly to Dalaman or Antalya Airport Transfer to Kalkan (2 hours from Dalaman, 4 hours from Antalya). Explore the lovely small Mediterranean village.

DAY 2 Delikkemer-Patara We transfer shortly to the Roman aqueduct (15 minutes) that used to supply water for the city. We walk from the aqueduct to the ancient site of Patara by following the ancient waterway.We have picnic lunch today. We will explore the ancient city Patara after walk. It was the capitol of Lycia Region in the Roman times and was an important harbor city. We end the day with a swim break in golden sandy beach in Patara. (3-4 hours walk) Transfer back to Kalkan.

DAY 3 Kalkan-Bezirgan Loope We have 5 minutes transfer to the beginning of path. We walk straight up hill to reach mountain village Bezirgan for 1.5 hours. We get to wooden huts used for storing cops by villagers. After walking around in this tray looking, surround with mountains village we have lunch in a local family house. In the afternoon we follow downhill path to walk back to Kalkan with picturesque views of Mediterranean. (4-5 hours walk) We transfer back to Bezirgan for overnight in a village house.

DAY 4 Sarıbelen to Gokceoren We will walk between the mountain villages today. We will walk on the isolated route.

DAY 5 Gokceoren to Phellos via Hacioglan We transfer to Gokceoren and walk to village Hacıoglan. We walk by the deep canyon of Hacıoglan. We have a long walk to Phellos. We have picnic lunch. In the afternoon we are going to explore the Phellos on top of mountains witj its tombs and temple and nice ornomants carved on the rocks.(7 hrs walk). Transfer back to Kas.

DAY 6 Cukurbag-Kas, Kas to Faktora via Limanagzı After the transfer we walk hill down from Cukurbag to Kas with the panoramic view of Mediterranean, Greek Island Meis and Kas. From Kas we walk to Lımanagzı bay for 2 hours. We have lunch in a restaurant near the water in the bay. After lunch we walk to Faktora Bay.(6 hrs walk). Swim fun at the end of the day. Transfer back to Kas by boat.

DAY 7 Faktora to Sahilkılınclı via Apollonia. After the transfer to we walk to Apollonia walking by Mediterranean on the right. After exploring the small ancient site we end the walk in to our overnight place (6-7 hrs walk), Ucagız. Ucagız is a small quite fishing village in Kekova region.

DAY 8 Kekova Get on boat for relaxing with a touch to history. Kekova is famous with the sunken city sank in an earthquake in 2.century A.D. Many breaks in turquise color hidden bays for swimming. We are on land for climbing the crusader castle located in village Simena where located on a peninsula and reached just by water. Castle has a standing view over all region and used to be a big necropolis with sarcophagus and rock-cut tombs.

DAY 9 Kekova-Kas Sail to Aperlae, Explore the ancient site Aperlae, It will take full day sailing with swim breaks from Kekova to Kas. Anchor in a bay near Kas .

DAY 10 Kas Anchor in the harbour of Kas. Optinal diving or Paragliding from the mountain Asar. (1000 mtrs/ 3000 feet)

DAY 11 Kas-Kalkan Sail to west, take off boat in the small, sandy beach of Kaputas. Swim and walk in the Kaputas Canyon. Overnigh around Kalkan.

DAY 12 Kalkan-Oludeniz Sail to Oludeniz, In the day stop in the butterfly valley wqhich is one of the most beautiful beaches of south coast. Walking to the waterfalls is another fun. Anchor near Oludeniz.

DAY 13 Oludeniz- Sarsala Bay Sail to west. Visit St Nicholas island, the churches and ruins. Stay at Sarsala Bay overnight.

DAY 14 Sail around Dalyan and Iztuzu Beach. Visit the ancient city of Kaunos. Stay overnight in Dalyan located near Koycegiz Lake. It is a very nice town to end the tour with its fantastic atmosphere