Иония (3 дня)

Ionia (3 days)

DAY 1 Ephesus ,Isa Bey mosque, St. John, Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis.
Tour starts by discovering Ephesus in the early morning before big tour buses arrive. Ephesus was the capital of the Asia Minor in the Roman period. It had everything that was necessary for education, politics, religion, entertainment and sports. Ephesus is the one of the best preserved classical cities of the ancient world, and probably the best place in the world to get a feeling for what life was like in Roman times. After seeing the ruins of Temple of Artemis was one of the seven wonders of ancient world we make a visit to Virgin Mary House where she is supposed to have spent last years of her life. In the afternoon we are going to visit St John Basilica and Isa Bey Mosque which is one of the earliest mosques of western part of Anatolia.

DAY 2 Priene- Miletus- Didyma
Full day sightseeing of three important cities of Ionia. We start with Priene located on a high hill dominating the plateau with impressive ruins. Miletus was home of many philosophers in the antique world. It was an important harbor city but today the ruins are a few kilometers away from the sea. In Didyma we will discover the temple of Apollo, well known with its oracles comparable to the temple in Delphi. Even its unfinished state, the Apollo temple was regarded as one of the largest temple of the Hellenistic world.

DAY 3 Aphrodisias-Pamukkale
After a peaceful drive along the plains we get to ancient site of goddess Aphrodite; Aphrodisias. Location of the site is like in the middle of nowhere but the site with its remains is going to surprise you much. The excavation and restoration of the site is one of the most successful works done so far in Turkey. Ancient Stadium, temple of Aphrodite, Tetrapylon is some of the remarkable remains in the city. Pamukkale is one the outstanding sites with white cotton travertine, Cleopatra pool and ancient site Hierapolis. Travertines are the miracle of the nature created by the calciumed hot water in thousand years. Hierapolis was an important settlement with spas in the Roman Period.

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