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Trekking in Turkey 
Turkey has five long distance trekking routes and collections of shorter trails: The Lycian Way –opened in 1999, The St Paul Trail –opened in 2004 and the Kaçkar trails –opened in 2008, were all made by Kate Clow.

Istanbul Place
We offer holiday apartments with elegance and character in the historical district of Beyoglu: the heart of Istanbul. You’ll have a home from home which is comfortable and stylish, with furnishings that are a mix of very modern and antique, attention to detail and a touch of luxury.

Turkish Odyssey 
In this web site a Hittite will whisper into your ear how proud he was when they sat down to sign the first Peace Treaty of human history with the Egyptians; a Phrygian will give away the secret of their King, Midas’s long donkey ears; a sorrowful Trojan will explain on a bright coast of the Dardanelles why they lost the war; Anatolian born St. Paul will let you follow his footsteps to the heart of his painful mission; finally, an Ottoman is going to tell you how they were so impressed by the magical masterpiece of the Hagia Sophia when they captured Constantinople

Galata Fotoğrafhanesi
Galata Fotografhanesi (Photo House) is known for the workshop and seminar programs organized in various fields of photography from elementary level or advance level since 2004. Organizing wide range of trainings, from a month-long workshops to yearlong programs, more than 20 photographers and academicians, each expert in respective fields, share their knowledge and experience with the participants at Galata Fotografhanesi. In addition to the training activities, collaborating with the Photography Foundation, Galata Fotografhanesi also launches social projects intended especially for children, publishes magazines and books, organizes exhibitions in art galleries and organizes conversations and festivals. (www.galatafotografhanesi.com www.fotografakademisi.org)

Inntravel Blog
Peter Williamson wrote three articles on the Inntravel.co.uk blog after having made a trip with us in Turkey.
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