Cultural Lycia

DAY 1 Lycian Triangle. We are going to start exploring some fascinating Lycian sites with Xanthos. The city was the first capital of the ancient region. It was founded by the river Eşen and gives breathtaking views over the old remains. Xanthians have some great heroic defense stories in their history. Letoon is a small but important city with three temples that belong to Leto, Apollo and Artemis. The temple of Leto has been re-erected and gives you the feeling of ancient times. Patara was the head of the Lycian Federation and an important harbour city. It is the birthplace of St Nicholas and was visited by St Paul. The last uncovered remain of the city is the ancient Light House dated to the 1st century A.D. We finish the tour with a swimming break on the sandy beach of Patara.

DAY 2 Saklıkent-Tlos-Pınara. Saklikent Gorge is a 17 mile long canyon which was formed by the sliding of the base plates and erosion by water. You can walk in the canyon; or if you are more adventurous you can hike further upstream in the ice cold waters. Tlos was one of the six biggest cities of Lycia and has more than impressive Lycian type rock-cut tombs. We are going to be guests of a local family for lunch. In the afternoon we will climb the mountainous city Pınara to explore the hidden beauties of it.

DAY 3 Exploring Kekova Sunken City with Kayaking and Boat Tour. Today is going to be an great day with a half day sea-kayaking excursion and relaxing on a boat for the rest of the day. At the starting point for the kayak excursion in the fishing village of Üçağız, we will receive a kayak instruction (previous experience is not necessary, being a bit fit is enough). We paddle to Kekova Island for 45 minutes and have a small break in the shipyard bay. Then we paddle op top of the Sunken City, the closest way of exploring the ruins that are underwater. We get on board the boat in Simena village, known for its Crusader Castle. Lunch will be aboard the yacht, having a barbeque with appetizers. The afternoon is spent chilling-out on the boat!

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