Aegean Luxury Road Biking

  • Live the life of luxury with 11 nights in some of Turkey's best boutique hotels
  • The tour that we, as Turkey experts, would prefer to take ourselves
  • Every tour option offers the highest possible standards of service and quality
  • Dine your way to healthy happiness in well-chosen speciality restaurants
  • Cycle around the Bozburun peninsula with it's beautiful remote coves
  • Discover little known beaches on the Dilek Peninsula
  • Overnight in the blissful solitude of Cokertme's exclusive clear water bay
  • Relax on Dalyan's protected turtle beach and unique fresh water lagoon
  • Recuperate with rest extra day half way through, or explore local footpaths
  • Learn about the ancient city of Ephesus from an expert local guide 

This 12-day luxury cycling tour is the finest and most complete holiday in the Biking in Turkey portfolio, designed from the ground up to meet world class service standards and exceed expectations every step of the way.

Based on our popular and highly praised Aegean Road Bike Touring programme, this new tour breaks the route up into smaller, more manageable chunks, discarding anything other than the most perfect rides, and anchoring the evenings at superior boutique hotels throughout. With shorter distances averaging 50km per day the route retains enough hills to be challenging but leaves you with plenty of free time simply to enjoy your time with us. Whether you choose to explore historical sights, relax in blissful tranquility on little-known beaches or unwind and destress in the fine facilities of our hotels, you will relish the time and freedom. The route itself takes to a network of roads that link coastal mountains with paradise beaches and rugged peninsulas. It is a chance to experience the true beauty and character of Turkey’s less-developed seaside and coastal hinterland areas, far away from the hustle bustle of modern life. 

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We use small, family run hotels in wonderful location that operate to the very highest standards. Turkey has embraced the boutique hotel concept with open arms, and it is with great pleasure that we have selected the accommodation listed here. Classy without being pretentious, these are upmarket places that make you feel at home. Above all, the hotels, whilst being luxurious, don't drift too far from their Aegean roots- where quality reigns over quantity and a personal touch and understated simplicity distances them from larger, more touristic 5-star places.

You will eat delicious, fine food in authentic restaurants throughout the tour, and should you go for a guided or supported self-guided option you will learn a great deal about the "Aegean kitchen" from your accompanying local expert. All tastes are well catered for, and meal selection always let you express your preferences and choose your dishes, even when a la carte is not available. Much more than a cycling holiday, this is a true experience of Aegean life and we know you will go home healthy and happy. 

The guided tours and many of the supported self-guided programmes are led by a local professional cycling guide with excellent English and an encyclopedic knowledge of the area. Not only will you learn a great deal and enjoy his warm, calm and well humoured company, but he will ensure that dining experiences are perfectly tailored to your tastes and you will relish the fresh, healthy food that (when done properly) makes the Aegean kitchen so special. Food is definitely a highlight of this tour!

Self guided options tours let you explore Turkey by bike at your own speed, leaving plenty of time for sightseeing, time on the beach, or lazy mornings by the hotel pool… A full route map, tour itinerary and GPS files will be supplied, so navigation is easy too!


Day 1: Transfer Izmir Airport – Sirince Sirince is a beautiful and very old fashioned wine producing village where you will stay in beautifully restored Greek “Konak” houses. From the airport, an easy drive of around 40 minutes brings us into a picturesque landscape where steep hillsides are home to traditional olive groves. In the formerly Greek village of Sirince we have time to relax and enjoy a stroll through the historic, cobbled streets. There are interesting local boutiques to browse through, followed leisurely by a fine dinner at the Arsipel Restaurant- the perfect beginning to an incredible week of Aegean culinary experiences with the extra bonus of live music every weekend. Your room is the best available- authentic and somewhat rustic but with an unmatched classical grandeur and perfect romantic air.  Overnight Kirkinca Houses Erdem Mansion, Sirince

Day 2: Sirince – Ephesus – Pamucak – Kusadasi (lunch) – Transfer to Camlik Toal 30km / 300m Climb / 850m Descent This is a relatively easy first day, with plenty of time for sightseeing at Ephesus and relaxing in the hotel gardens at the end of the ride. From Sirince we follow a new road through vineyards, rolling hillsides and forested countryside, enjoying great views over Selcuk and Pamucak Beach beyond. A fantastic down hill brings us easily into Selcuk town, and after stopping to admire the Roman aqueduct and charming central square we head on to the wonderful ruins at Ephesus- perhaps Turkey’s number one must see historic site. You might choose to spend anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours exploring the site. Continuing towards the coast on a tree-lined cycle path, we soon arrive at Pamucak beach, where there are nice places for a morning break, or lunch. You can swim here too- the water is lovely! Continuing towards Kusadasi on the seaside backroad we escape the traffic, and arrive in this popular, fashionable resort town easily and safely. After enjoying the town's boutiques, cafes and upmarket marina, we transfer you onwards to Camlik, where you will stay in a luxury winery, with great food in a perfect Mediterranean garden setting. Overnight Yedi Bilgiler , Camlik

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Day 3: Camlik – Kirazli – Guzelcamli (lunch) – National Park – Guzelcamli transfer to Doganbey  Total 55km / 750m Climb / 900m Descent Today our route takes us on through fruit orchards and vineyards as it winds up and over rolling hills to Kirazli, and out into open garrigue on a panoramic country road to arrive at the small village of Yaylakoy. From here, after a brief downhill section on a bigger road we drop down to the coast via Sogucak village and enjoy a wonderful traffic free cycle lane right on the sea front. From Guzelcamli, we enter the Dilek Peninsula National Park and ride to the very end of the peninsula road (Karasu Beach). Here there is time to relax on the beach, swim or take a walk up a fantastic canyon path. From there, we transfer you up and over the peninsula to a wonderful old village of stone houses, Eski Doganbey, where you will stay in a restored Ottoman mansion. Evening meal will be a barbeque feast on the pation terrace!  Overnight Eski Doganbey Houses, Doganbey 

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Day 4: Transfer to Gullubahce turn off – Gullubahche – Karina – Transfer to Bogazici (Milletos) Total 30km / 200m Climbing / 240m Descent This is an easy ride, designed to be completed in a morning, leaving the afternoon free for a leisurely sightseeing tour. After breakfast, we drive for 30 minutes up over the Dilek peninsula and past the busy town of Soke to our starting point on the edge of the Buyuk Menderes river delta. This hugely expansive flat lands area makes for some wonderful road cycling, and a great chance to relax. At the end of a beautiful singletrack road that runs right on the seaside, Karina is one of the unknown gems of this tour, and those who wish can swim in the clear water of the bay. We enjoy a lunch here, before loading the bikes onto the support car and heading (via the wonderful old village of Doganbey) to Miletos- an impressive Carian city dating from the 4th century BC. Moving on, we drive around the shore of Lake Bafa, stopping to admire and photograph the awesome mountain panorama behind. Passing the town of Milas, the views of the inland salt-flats lagoon of Tuzla (often home to flamingoes) hints at the beauty still to come. Tonight we stay in a fantastic true boutique hotel right on the edge of this lagoon with wonderful views and a waterside restaurant. The perfect taste of luxury. Overnight Yalicapkini Boutique Hotel, Bogazici 

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Day 5: Bogazici – Mumcular (lunch) – Yenikoy – Mazi – Cokertme Total 44km / 750m Climbing / 750m Descent Beginning from the hotel, we cross the lagoon causeway and turn onto a larger but beautifully smooth road (which has a good shoulder for safe cycling). The morning's spin is fast and easy, heading towards Bodrum and then turning off into rolling, pastoral hills and Mediterannean garrigue. We eat lunch in the authentic and lively small town of Mumcular and then climb steadily up onto an area of wild, open countryside. Descending through picturesque villages where beekeeping, small scale gardening and simple, pastoral existence are still the staples of daily life, we eventually arrive at the coast on a deserted asphalt road that runs right along the sea front. Our final destination is Cokertme, a truly little known paradise cove often shared by only the occasional yacht. Here you will stay right on the beach front in a clean, functional, authentic boutique, where Aegean simplicity, hospitality and the sheer beauty of your terrace outlook make this a night to remember. You will also enjoy some of the freshest and tastiest seafood ever in the next door Kaptan Restaurant. Overnight White Houses Marina Pension, Cokertme

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Day 6: Transfer to Alatepe – Alatepe – Akbuk (lunch) – Akyaka Total 40km / 600m Climbing / 950m Descent We begin with a short (20 minute) transfer along the coat, past Oren and inland to a densely wooded valley where there are impressive ruins of a Roman aqueduct to be seen. Beginning the rode in an elevated position at Alatepe village, the panoramas are breathtaking and a predominantly downhill course makes for extremely pleasant road cycling. Eventually we arrive again at the coast, high above Akbuk- a protected area with little development and a gorgeous shingle beach. The jetty makes a perfect diving board and you can enjoy a swim break before lunch at the Altas Pension- again, famous for daily catches of local seafood. From Akbuk we follow an easy going and incredibly beautiful single track coast road that may perhaps be the best cycling road in Turkey! With no traffic out of season, and a new road surface, this relatively flat 25km stretch to Akyaka is absolute paradise, in the shade of mature pines with fleeting glimpses down to the azure waters below. Our hotel is one of the region's best, a grand Ottoman building with private garden backing onto a crystal clear stream that emerges from underground springs just 1km up the valley. The perfect place to unwind in truly refined luxury.  Overnight Kerme Ottoman Konak Boutique Hotel, Akyaka 

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Day 7: Transfer to Yesilbelde- Yesilbelde – Turgut – Selimiye Total 50km / 600m Climb / 700m Descent After another short morning transfer (15 minutes), we leave our driver at the top of the hill on the road to Yesilbelde, bypassing the town of Marmaris and enjoying awesome views over the bays, peninsulas and islands below. We rejoin the main road briefly, before turning onto the wonderful Bozburun Peninsula at Hisaronu. Here, the coast road is unforgettably picturesque, meandering it’s way between little visited bays and paradise villages along the peninsula, often right on the waterside! Turgut village is a particular highlight, nestling in blissfuly seclusion just 1km or so inland. The whole landscape in this area is absolutely stunning, and our course around the peninsula is surely one of the trip highlights. Our hotel is very special- with views to die for and some the best food in Turkey. Ran by lovely people who put their heart and soul into their homely yet super luxurious boutique hotel, this is one of our favourite luxury places in all of Turkey and the home produced food is superb. Dinner at hotel.  Overnight Kekik Butik Otel, Selimiye

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Day 8: Rest day in Selimiye Today you can relax and unwind in the wonderful hospitality of Kekik Butik Otel. There are options for activities such as hikes on the hilltop footpaths, a visit to Turugt's waterfall, exploring Selimiye village of even getting involved and learning some delicious Turkish culinary skills from Mrs Misket. Alternatively, you might prefer to take it easy, get into a good book beside the gorgeous infinity pool, and just kick back, taking in the stunning panoramic views. Whatever you decide, your driver will be on hand to make it happen, plus, of course, there are extra cycling options available too!  Overnight Kekik Butik Otel, Selimiye

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Day 9: Selimiye – Bozburun – Bayir – Marmaris Toal 60km / 1050m Climb / 1220m Descent Today we explore the undeveloped and quintessentially Aegean Bozburun Peninsula. This is a shorter day, distance wise, but its mountainous route is challenging- though the views and traffic free roads more than make up for it! From Selimiye we pass Bozburun village and have the chance to view the construction of the world’s largest wooden hulled yacht (140m in length!). Then we head into the mountainous hinterland, climbing into the hills via Sogutkoy to Bayirkoy- a wonderfully picturesque place set in lush, green hills where we eat a picnic lunch beneath a plane tree that truly is 1880 years old! After enjoying a restaurant lunch here and sampling the many varieties of honey that the region is famous for, we continue on one final climb that brings us out high above the coast once more. The ride is a mixture of awesome coast roads and steep mountain lanes and the beach resort of Icmeler will be a strange sight below. We finish our ride along Marmaris’ seaside cycle way (no cars) and follow the seaside all the way through the town to the Marmaris National Park entrance and delightful shady road that leads around to the Nimara Island. Again, your hotel is a luxury beach side boutique, and you will really enjoy time here, with great food and live music 3 times a week. Overnight Joya Del Mar Boutique Hotel, Marmaris National Park 

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Day 10: Transfer to Koycegiz – Koycegiz – Kaunos – Dalyan Total 42km / 570m Climb / 570m Descent From Marmaris, we start with a 40 minute transfer to the lakeside town of Koycegiz and embark on a fantastic tour around Koycegiz Lake with it’s incredible hot springs and mud baths- perfect for relaxing road weary muscles! We ride through Sultaniye and Candir before stopping to explore the ancient city and admire the massive Lycian rock tombs at Kaunos. We finally arrive at the river side and take a taxi boat across the water to arrive in Dalyan. Our base for the next 3 days overlooks the clear blue waters of the Dalyan River, where you can often see fresh water turtles, amongst a host of wildlife that visits this natural haven. It's a paradise place and our hotel is in the very best position- besides the clear green river and just on the edge of the village centre, easily accessible along the waterside "lovers' walk" footpath. The BC Spa lives up to it's name as a luxury hotel. It's an extensive layout with several gorgeous pools, bars, choice of restaurants, sauna and hamam complex, but it doesn't feel big and impersonal. You will stay in a suite riverside the best room available to round off what we truly believe is one of the best cycling holidays the world has to offer! Evening meal will be at one of Dalyan's most prestigious restaurants. Overnight BC Spa Luxury Hotel, Dalyan

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Day 11: Dalyan – Iztuzu – Dalyan Total 26km / 150m Climbing / 150m Descent Iztuzu is one of Turkey’s most important and environmentally protected beaches, and its 7km sandy strip is a crucial sea turtle nesting ground. This easy last day's ride gives you time to explore not just the beach itself, but the incredible scenery that surrounds. If you prefer, however, we will organise a river taxi to take you down through the delta to the beach. It's also possible to take the river boat one way, walk the 6km length of the beach, and cycle home from the road at the far end (your driver will wait there with your bikes). In the afternoon you can choose to explore the village, do a little shopping or simply relax and rest your weary muscles. The last night’s meal is a no expense spared culnirary delight at one of Dalyan’s best fish and mezze restaurants- you will go home with many great memories of the food on this trip- for sure! Dinner at Saki Restaurant, Dalyan. Overnight BC Spa Luxury Hotel, Dalyan

Day 12: Transfer to Dalaman Airport Our last day together- time to pack up bikes and enjoy a lazy breakfast on riverside. We transfer to Dalaman Airport for connecting flights. The end of a truly memorable cycling holiday of a lifetime! Tour ends here.


Price (per person): 
There are 3 options available:

1: Guided
Price 2650 Euros. 
Including all meals and snacks.
Price based on 2 people travelling with a guide and driver
Please ask for group rates.
2: Supported Self-Guided.
Price: 2100 Euros.
Includes 11 evening meals at top quality restaurants and English speaking professional guide / fixer / driver, at your disposal 24/7.
Price based on 2 people travelling.
3: Self-Guided.
Price: 1650 Euros
Bed and Breakfast only.
Price based on 2 people travelling.
Price includes:
11 nights superior quality boutique hotel accommodation. Transfers from Izmir and to Dalaman airports. Full use of support vehicle.

Price does not include:
Flights. Alcoholic and soft drinks available at camps or Restaurants, drinks and extras at optional cafe stops and entrance fees to historical sites and museums. Tips for guides and driver.

Single Supplement: 400 Euro.
Please ask for solo traveller prices.
Bike rental: 180 Euro.
Garmin Edge 800 GPS: 50 Euros
Pannier rack: 20 Euros
Women’s saddle: 10 Euro.
SPD pedals: 10 Euros.

Available year round but best in April – May and September – October

Tour Length:
12 days / 11 nights

Start / finish point:
Izmir / Dalaman

3: Suitable for most riders. Daily distances of around 50km leave plenty of time for sightseeing and relaxing.

9 days multi centre road bike touring and 1 rest day. Some sections with poor quality tarmac. Very little traffic. Quite simply the ultimate cycling holiday!

Equipment advice:
A road or lightweight touring bike plus proper cycling clothing, shoes and pedals is recommended for this tour although many people prefer a flat handlebar MTB / hybrid.      

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The Aegean coast is substantially less developed than the Mediterranean and is perhaps the best place to take a road biking holiday in Turkey. The absence of a major coastal highway, combined with a maritime geography of wooded peninsulas, inlets and islands and a blissful climate makes this a perfectly idyllic and intriguing area. Average daily distance is 80km but the route is quite hilly in places and this can represent a good challenge for any cyclist.

The weather is generally fine, beaches are superb, roads are good, and the quality of restaurants and accommodation excellent. The tour is possible at any time of the year but best between April and June and September and November to avoid the summer heat.

Fly into Izmir and back from Dalaman- international airports where a host of affordable flight options are available. Many people enjoy a stopover in Istanbul for 2-4 days either on the outward or return leg. It's also possible to return to Izmir at the end of the tour or transfer from Dalaman at the beginning- we can arrange an extra one-way transfer.

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Tour Options: We have improved and extended the route and added options that let you choose the tour format that suits you best. Choose from:

1: Guided Group Departures By riding with one of our professional guides you will not only learn so much about the places you ride through, but enjoy the company and companionship that social cycling provides. These tours run on fixed dates throughout the year and are open to single riders willing to share a twin room with no single supplement. All guides speak English fluently and have extensive cycling experience in the region. These tours include all meals at excellent and well-chosen restaurants. The group size is between 3 and 10. There is a surcharge of 150 Euros per person for 3 to 5 Pax groups. Smaller groups and bespoke guided tours are available on request.

2: Fully Supported Self-Guided This new option puts one of our professional biking guides in the driving seat of your support vehicle. It’s the best way to enjoy the support and assistance that a fully guided tour provides but gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and make your own choices. Not only will your baggage be transported from hotel to hotel but you will enjoy full technical support and route assistance at every stage- just like having a driver and a guide in one. This option includes evening meals but lunches are extra. Please ask for prices for groups larger than 2 Pax as the quoted rate is based on 2 people sharing a support car and driver / guide and larger parties will always cost less. Dates tailored to your preference and departures are available throughout the year.

3: Self-Guided For those who prefer the freedom and value that self-guided tours offer, this is the best option. Your baggage will be transported from hotel to hotel, and you will still have a support car and driver following you (out of sight) along the route. But with this option your driver may not speak much English, and certainly won’t have the skills or knowledge of an expert guide. These tours are bed and breakfast only, leaving you free to make your own meal arrangements. We can add a half board supplement if you prefer, and all hotels are able to produce excellent meals. Please ask for prices larger than 2 Pax as the quoted rate is based on 2 people sharing a support car and driver.Dates tailored to your preference and departures are available throughout the year.

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