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Middle Earth Travel, started business in 2001, owned by some very experienced  and established guides, determined to make a living doing what they like best: trekking tours. Over years we expanded our area of expertise to archeological, cultural and family tours but we still focus on small, private groups and personal travelling experiences. We are licenced by the Turkish Tourism Ministry and registered by the Union of Turkish Travel Agencies.

ATIL ULAŞ CÜCE Operations Manager / Guide Born in 1973, Atil has been in tourism since high school and he has been leading trekking tours since 1997. He is the father since July 2009 of a beautiful girl, fittingly named Su Peri (Water Fairy) He has a B.A. degree in Philosophy and his knowledge of history on Asia Minor is remarkable. So get ready for intellectual conversations if he’s going to guide you. His detailed planning and perfectionism makes his tours very well organized and thoroughly informative. Atil, who’s fluent in English and knows some German, is responsible for tour development and operations of the company.
KEREM KARAERKEK Chief Guide After falling in love with mountains at the age of 17, Kerem started travelling almost every part of Turkey to climb and to be in nature. Over the years he made many good friends in all parts of Turkey. In 2001 he decided to turn his life’s ambition to his business. He leads groups since 2001. Among his many hobbies are bird watching, botany and games of every kind. He has been Turkish ‘GO’ champion many times. He’s a licensed English and Japanese guide and has a B.A. in Japanese Literature. Kerem is also responsible for the education and training of the new guides on board. He considers Kackar Mountains to be his real home in this world. In 2008 he worked for TEMA with a group of volunteers and locals (Turkish Foundation for Figting Erosion) in a Project and he revived and remade some very old (almost dissappeared) mountain paths to diversify tourism in the area and help out some dying mountain villages. The Project was a success and we use these new routes in our Kackar tours since 2008.

ÖZGÜR ÖZMETE Tour Guide Born in 1976, he has been leading to trekking and climbing tours since 1997 even in different tour companies and Hacettepe University Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club.As a matter of fact ,He is a chemical engineer,and he tried to earn money as an engineer from time to time (FIAT Automotive Paintshop,Textile Dyes,Artificial Heart) but he couldn’t stop to breathe of spanking clean air of mountains.He has been working for Middle Earth Travel since 2001.He loves bird watching.He has been doing down hill ski since 6 years old and tour ski since 21 years old.He has climbed considerable amount of summits all over the world,even in summer and winter (Crimson Mountains, Mount Ararat,Erciyes and Hasan Volcanos,Beydaglari,Kackar Mountains etc-Turkey, Otzal Alps-Austria, Algau Alps-Germany, Eastern Sierra Mountains and Yosemite ,Nevada-US). He is one of the full member of Turkish Search and Rescue Team (AKUT)-Ankara Section, he joined several rescue operations on Turkish Mountains.
KATE CLOW Tour Developer / Guide Kate is certainly the most well-known among us. To summarise, she’s the founder of Turkey’s only long distance trekking routes ‘ The Lycian Way ‘ and ‘ St. Paul Trail ‘ the author of the related boks as well as Kackar Mountains book. Living in Turkey for the last 15 years, she has two identities now: British and Turkish. Her deep knowledge on history, flowers and animals are higly appreciated by the trekkers joining her groups. Kate develops and designs tours for us and leads groups only on certain departures (can be checked from our website). And her nice house at Antalya has always been a base camp for us.

ABBAS ÖZGÜR TEPE Tour Guide Born in 1978, Özgür has a B.A in Tourism Guiding and Management. He is a professional tourist guide with a broad knowledge of archeology and art history. He has an interest in literature, folklore and heterodox sect of islam. His career includes working in Florida and for several travel agencies. Having a romantic and poetic side, Özgür is very enjoyable with his relaxed personality.
KORAY ATA Tour Guide Born in München at 1980. He knows perfect German and English. He is been guiding since 2003 in all regions of Turkey. He has a master degree on ancient history. He belives in ultimate freedom and mother nature…His knowledge about history and wild life makes a perfect combination for an outdoor guide. Stay wild, live free… Rock’n roll in a free world.

GAYE GÖNÜLAL Tour Guide She has been in the tourism industry for years. Before, she worked for a bank. She has B.A. degree in Business Administration (Ankara University), but she preferred to be in the nature. She worked as a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) instructor in Kaş / Antalya. Afterward she follow her love and she hike on famous trails and guided on them. So finally more than 10 years ago she moved to Cappadocia and she became a professional guide. She is quite energetic, conversational and enjoyable. If you don’t see her, you can follow her laugher easily. She has an energy ball named Su Peri (6 years) and a charisma Toros (2 years). For now Gaye started to run into the valley of Cappadocia. She says Cappadocia is like a huge playground, you can run, walk, cycle, meditate, camp, yoga …
URAZ NEHİR Tour Guide Guiding since 2006 all around Turkey and working as a tour leader in Asia and Africa for Turkish groups. In our tour, you ll eat, drink, sail, swim, snorkel, trek, paraglide and dance on your toes across Turkey’s beautiful sites all under our watchful eye. And you ll know a gozleme from a pide, an Efes from a Tuborg, a nice story from hard fact, how to chill out and hangout, the difference between an ancient road and a tarmac. Everything will be illuminated, energised, exaggerated, eliminated and enthralled with our stories and hospitality. All you may ask for; clear skies, warm temperatures and cool breezes, we guarantee you ll have them with a nice smile on our faces.

Fırat Solak FIRAT SOLAK Tour Guide born in 1985 in Balikesir. He made his mind to work in tourism when he was in high school. He has bachelor degree on tourism and business. He has got his lenience in 2007 and he has been guiding for 7 years. Speaks English and Spanish.

CENK METİNKAYA Tour Guide He has been working in the nature tourism industry for 20 years and he has been leading many groups. He is professionally interested in all outdoor activities including trekking, hiking, mountaineering, biking, sea kayaking, diving and tour skiing. He is an emergency first response instructor, diving instructor and also working in search and rescue teams during winter seasons. He has been living in Kaş that small town of Mediterranean for 12 years.
HAMİ BEK Tour Guide Based in Goreme, Cappadocia, Hami recently graduated from Nevsehir University with a degree in Tourism Management. He is a fully certified cultural and historical guide as well as a highly competent mountain biker. Hami has great energy and warm of character, is a proficient instructor in singletrack skills and with his ever growing knowledge of his country’s history, culture and politics is able to make tours educational as well as fun.

DENİZ CÜCE Office Head Born in 1976 in Kütahya, he started to study mathematics at Karadeniz Teknik University in Trabzon. His passion for details is the guarantee that your tour arrangements will be handled flawlessly.
basar-tuncel BAŞAR TUNÇEL Consultant He is the founder and managing director ofMareo Creative Agency, a 360-degree advertising agency aimed to excel on understanding overall requirements of customers, then to come with solutions fully implemented.

The aim of Middle Earth Travel is to let you feel the magic of Turkey, a land where nature and history are blended into incredible huge landscape and a thousand small, but perfect, memories. Come and join our fellowship, we’ll put our spell on you. Our other web sites:
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Our web sites can help you gather information not only on our activities, but also on the possibilities of independent trekking in the mountains of Turkey.

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